From my Brain: 50 Random NPCs

Monday I talked about what to do if game night came around and you had nothing, and I suggested having some pre-made NPCs on hand to make your life easier. Looking through my GM’s binder (you don’t have one? Oh, they’re brilliant! I’ll tell you all about mine sometime) I noticed my stock of NPCs was looking a bit thin. Since I have a few campaigns coming up I figured this is a s good a time to rebuild my stable, and if you can use them as well, so much the better.

Each NPC has a name, occupation, and either a physical or personality quirk. That should be enough to get you started, and you can flesh them out from there as needed.  Either roll percentiles to chose an NPC at random or grab one you like. As far as names go I’ve tried to stay gender neutral while keeping a fantasy feel. The names should also transfer fairly well between races, but feel free to add or modify as you need.

01-02: Nyhab, mourner, cracks knuckles

03-04: Sanoly, deckhand, notices smells others don’t

05-06: Cacagos, gravedigger, suffers from allergies

07-08: Visiang, soapmaker, one-handed

09-10: Rarotec, barker, loves puns and word games

11-12: Dinesini, moneylender, unibrow

13-14: Kofun, pedlar, wants advice about unlikely problems

15-16: Lalela, constable, avoids eye contact

17-18: Loric, vintner, generally filthy

19-20: Mateket, fire eater, easily distracted

21-22: Yemera, interpreter, cross-eyed

23-24: Byset, dowser, blames fae creatures for all his/her problems

25-26: Topan, astrologer, giggles

27-28: Rilet, stablehand, always giving out treats (cookies, bits of apple)

29-30: Kamas, rat catcher, big ears

31-32: Jalys, ostler, disgruntled failed actor

33-34: Berudu, farrier, glass eye

35-36: Lasyro, school teacher, jots down things to remember but can’t read handwriting

37-38: Ralus, skinner, picks teeth nervously

39-40: Masen, sailor, terrified of disease

41-42: Bekobi, composer, hacking cough

43-44: Rasakada, sign maker, prays a lot

45-46: Mosskelo, rent collector, nervous laugh

47-48: Ackate, cooper, tells boring stories about family

49-50: Eldath, lady/lord in waiting, tribal scar on forearm

51-52: Sulek, appraiser, confused by local customs

53-54: Gartasa, locksmith, clubfooted

55-56: Urnia, butcher, sensitive to criticism

57-58: Darhir, haberdasher, very white teeth

59-60: Caild, leatherworker, twitches

61-62: Inaid, prelate, always eating

63-64: Threess, banker, whistles when talking

65-66: Honal, roofer, font of gossip

67-68: Banmor, executioner, lisps

69-70: Draust, herbalist, uses very formal speech (big words, no contractions)

71-72: Voer, animal trainer, different coloured eyes (each different, or odd coloured pair)

73_74: Areck, embalmer, seems surprised and offended at being spoken to

75-76: Ormpero, wheelwright, long hair constantly falling in eyes

77-78: Rilath, soothsayer, uses nicknames/terms of endearment

79-80: Verarde, bailiff, sweats a lot

81-82: Cleny, grocer, makes bets about anything

83-84: Verelda, carpet weaver, covered in tattoos

85-86: Burtat, clerk, overly agreeable

87-88: Rodlera, steward, scratches a lot

89-90: Essib, messenger, know-it-all

91-92: Kelund, painter, enormous sideburns

93-94: Braque, custodian, easily angered

95-96: Foon, innkeeper, covered in pustules

97-98: Zyser, valet, almost violently self-loathing

99-100: Smeden, teamster, winks a lot

And there you go, fifty NPCs to fill out your campaign world. The names were generated using this Fantasy Name Generator; occupations came from a list of fantasy-world jobs on page 97 of the GameMastery Guide; characteristics came mostly out of my brain or from random searches on the internet.

Until next time!

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