From my Brain: 50 Random NPCs

Monday I talked about what to do if game night came around and you had nothing, and I suggested having some pre-made NPCs on hand to make your life easier. Looking through my GM’s binder (you don’t have one? Oh, they’re brilliant! I’ll tell you all about mine sometime) I noticed my stock of NPCs was looking a bit thin. Since I have a few campaigns coming up I figured this is a s good a time to rebuild my stable, and if you can use them as well, so much the better.

Each NPC has a name, occupation, and either a physical or personality quirk. That should be enough to get you started, and you can flesh them out from there as needed. ¬†Either roll percentiles to chose an NPC at random or grab one you like. As far as names go I’ve tried to stay gender neutral while keeping a fantasy feel. The names should also transfer fairly well between races, but feel free to add or modify as you need.

01-02: Nyhab, mourner, cracks knuckles

03-04: Sanoly, deckhand, notices smells others don’t

05-06: Cacagos, gravedigger, suffers from allergies

07-08: Visiang, soapmaker, one-handed

09-10: Rarotec, barker, loves puns and word games

11-12: Dinesini, moneylender, unibrow

13-14: Kofun, pedlar, wants advice about unlikely problems

15-16: Lalela, constable, avoids eye contact

17-18: Loric, vintner, generally filthy

19-20: Mateket, fire eater, easily distracted

21-22: Yemera, interpreter, cross-eyed

23-24: Byset, dowser, blames fae creatures for all his/her problems

25-26: Topan, astrologer, giggles

27-28: Rilet, stablehand, always giving out treats (cookies, bits of apple)

29-30: Kamas, rat catcher, big ears

31-32: Jalys, ostler, disgruntled failed actor

33-34: Berudu, farrier, glass eye

35-36: Lasyro, school teacher, jots down things to remember but can’t read handwriting

37-38: Ralus, skinner, picks teeth nervously

39-40: Masen, sailor, terrified of disease

41-42: Bekobi, composer, hacking cough

43-44: Rasakada, sign maker, prays a lot

45-46: Mosskelo, rent collector, nervous laugh

47-48: Ackate, cooper, tells boring stories about family

49-50: Eldath, lady/lord in waiting, tribal scar on forearm

51-52: Sulek, appraiser, confused by local customs

53-54: Gartasa, locksmith, clubfooted

55-56: Urnia, butcher, sensitive to criticism

57-58: Darhir, haberdasher, very white teeth

59-60: Caild, leatherworker, twitches

61-62: Inaid, prelate, always eating

63-64: Threess, banker, whistles when talking

65-66: Honal, roofer, font of gossip

67-68: Banmor, executioner, lisps

69-70: Draust, herbalist, uses very formal speech (big words, no contractions)

71-72: Voer, animal trainer, different coloured eyes (each different, or odd coloured pair)

73_74: Areck, embalmer, seems surprised and offended at being spoken to

75-76: Ormpero, wheelwright, long hair constantly falling in eyes

77-78: Rilath, soothsayer, uses nicknames/terms of endearment

79-80: Verarde, bailiff, sweats a lot

81-82: Cleny, grocer, makes bets about anything

83-84: Verelda, carpet weaver, covered in tattoos

85-86: Burtat, clerk, overly agreeable

87-88: Rodlera, steward, scratches a lot

89-90: Essib, messenger, know-it-all

91-92: Kelund, painter, enormous sideburns

93-94: Braque, custodian, easily angered

95-96: Foon, innkeeper, covered in pustules

97-98: Zyser, valet, almost violently self-loathing

99-100: Smeden, teamster, winks a lot

And there you go, fifty NPCs to fill out your campaign world. The names were generated using this Fantasy Name Generator; occupations came from a list of fantasy-world jobs on page 97 of the GameMastery Guide; characteristics came mostly out of my brain or from random searches on the internet.

Until next time!