About DLC

Dorklord_Canada_Logo_Wht_BG_Lo-Res.jpg-01It’s me.  Gamer, blogger, RPG writer and editor. Trying to be kind while taking no shit.  Follow along as I talk about everything tabletop game related that catches my eye!

Throughout the site and my posts, if I provide a link to a product on DriveThruRPG or DM’s Guild, it’s an affiliate link. It helps support the work I do at no extra cost to you, so I hope you’ll use them to make your purchases there if you see something you like.

My banner and logo are by Allie at ATG Studios. If you need branding work I can’t recommend them enough.

Social Media

Twitter: @DorklordCanada

Instagram: dorklordcanada

Tumblr: Dorklord Canada

Tik Tok: DorklordCanada

Email: brent.jans@gmail.com

Where to Find my Work

You can find more of my writing over at The Rat Hole, where I have a bi-weekly column talking about anything TTRPG related that catches my eye. The Rat Hole also has excellent board game and RPG reviews, miniature painting tutorials, and more. Give them a look!

I have a YouTube channel where I have posted short game reviews and am currently working on a few other projects. Subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything new.

I also have a Twitch channel and while there isn’t much there now, stay tuned!

You can find my game design work at Itch.io on the Prairie Dragon Press page. Just some small projects for now, what I’ve worked on between editing projects. Follow me there to see what’s next!

Actual Plays and Interviews

I am available for interviews anytime and love talking about a wide range of topics in the TTRPG space. Send me a DM on Twitter or and email (address above) so we can talk. I have also interviewed a few people for The Rat Hole, and likely will again!

While I have only just dipped my toe into the actual play space, I’ve loved it so far! Check the links below to see me playing with some truly excellent people; give them all a follow on Twitter.

  • Clockwork Vines, Season 1 – Sadly we only captured the first two sessions of this, but these two sessions are pretty fun to watch. A Call of Cthulhu actual play.
  • Clockwork Vines, Season 2 – A new story, so you needn’t have seen S1 to follow along. A Call of Cthulhu actual play.
  • Revenge of the Forgotten – This was a super fun Solstice-themed one-shot and the first appearance on stream of my favourite swashbuckling himbo, Dunsany.
  • Rolling for Reproductive Rights – I was invited by Jes to run a D&D game on their charity stream supporting reproductive rights. My players were amazing and you should definitely check this out!
  • Paranormal Inc – I was invited to play in an ongoing Paranormal Inc (by Alicia Furness) game by Madelancholy, and I’m so glad I was! Please check it out and gives Mads a follow and subscribe!
  • Superhero SUBtember – I was invited to play Masks! with @Tavernaut and friends and debuted my teen dramakid turned superhero, Epee!

2 thoughts on “About DLC

  1. Heya, Dirk! Took a look and it looks cool, thanks for the heads up. You’ll see a post going up about it tomorrow, tucked in with my Read an RPG Book in Public post. And I backed it, so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished copy.

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