About R.G.

It’s me.  Just a geek getting older, smarter and geekier.  Gamer, blogger, aspiring RPG writer, with a desire to give and gain wisdom to and from the wider gaming community.  Follow along as I talk about everything tabletop game related that catches my eye!

You can find more of my writing over at The Rat Hole, where I have a bi-weekly column talking about anything TTRPG related that catches my eye. The Rat Hole also has excellent board game and RPG reviews, miniature painting tutorials, and more. Give them a look!

Also, I am a freelance editor with reasonable rates, available for your fiction or gaming resource needs. Check out my editor’s page, which includes links to projects I have worked on as well as testimonials. The drop me a line and we’ll talk about how I can help your project.

You can contact me directly using the handy form below, or DM me on Twitter at @DorklordCanada.

One thought on “About R.G.

  1. Heya, Dirk! Took a look and it looks cool, thanks for the heads up. You’ll see a post going up about it tomorrow, tucked in with my Read an RPG Book in Public post. And I backed it, so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished copy.

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