Extra Life

Extra Life 2022

Logo for Extra Life fundraisingI wrote a post about why Extra Life is important to me, so I won’t delve into that here. Suffice to say, Extra Life combines two things I’m passionate about: helping sick kids and tabletop gaming. I set myself a number of goals for this year, some lofty, some reasonable. This page is where you’ll find information on my plans to meet those goals.


Every year I add incentives to my donation page, mostly relating to TTRPGs since that is my crowd. This year is no exception.

  • $10 – This amount gets you a special item (magic, tech, etc) designed by me for a game of your choice.
  • $15 – $15 gets you a custom monster or GM character for your TTRPG of choice.
  • $25 – This amount gets you an encounter location designed by me for a game of your choice.
  • $40 – This gets you all three of the previous tiers, unified into a single encounter for your TTRPG!
  • $50 – Editing! Up to 25 pages, no rush jobs. TTRPGs or speculative fiction.
  • $125 – I’ll run a TTRPG for you and your friends! This can be one big donation or individual donations.

For all of the incentives, fire me off an email to brent.jans@gmail.com with your donation amount and any details you would like included (I’d like a sword that can’t kill people, for instance). I will try to get your incentive to you as soon as possible, but I won’t be rushing anything. At the latest I promise to have your item, monster, location, editing, game session finished by the end of December 2022. If you need it sooner we can talk. I’ll do my best for you, but I make no promises.


Because of tech issues I had to scrap most of my streaming plans back at the beginning of September. But great news, those hardware issue have been resolved! So here is what my schedule for the rest of the year looks like now:

So far, my schedule of events for this year looks like this:

  • Remainder of OCTOBER: Thursdays at 6pm MST/8pm EST, streaming Solo RPGs!
  • NOVEMBERGame Day Solo-athon! Lineup TBA, but it’s going to be a whole raft of solo TTRPGs for 24 hours. Watch some great games and my fatigue-induced mental decline!
  • (The Rest of) NOVEMBER: Thursdays at 6pm MST/8pm EST, streaming Solo RPGs! Games TBA.
  • DECEMBER: Thursdays at 6pm MST/8pm EST, streaming Solo RPGs! Games TBA.

I will add more details as events come closer, but this is the framework.

$10 to Infinity Plan

Okay, hear me out. What if, in addition to giving the magic item to the $10 donor, I collected all the items I made for a particular year in a single volume, and sold that volume with all proceeds going to Extra Life in perpetuity? My reasoning is two-fold. One, donating $10 once gets you a magic item, which is cool, but then also gets you the option to donate again and get access to the (potentially) 350 other items created that year, which I think is cooler. Two, doing this year after year would yield multiple volumes of excellent items, creating what would essentially be a passive donation stream for my Extra Life fundraising. Every quarter I would calculate the amount generated, post it here for transparency, and donate it to Extra Life.

So every December 31 I would gather up all the special/magical items I created, dump them in a PDF and ePub (for accessibility) and make them all pretty, then sell that collection through Itch. Maybe it’s pay what you can, maybe I set it at fair market value with community copies. But folks can then donate and take home a collection of rarities and oddities for their gaming table. I’m putting a hard cap of 350 on this because 350 times 10 is 3500, but also it seems a high but reasonable number of items to create.

So as I said at the top: Donate $10 through my Extra Life page and I’ll make that $10 work forever. Well, a reasonable portion of forever, anyway. Make sure to select the $10 incentive when you do, and follow the contact instructions so we can discuss the item you want. I am reasonably confident there are enough of you out there, maybe even 350, who would be willing to donate $10 if you knew that donation was going to keep on giving and you got something special in the bargain.

If you would like to help me get a jump on all the fundraising and help yourself to some awesome incentives early, please donate through my donation page at Extra Life.