Dorklord_Canada_Logo_Wht_BG_Lo-Res.jpg-01Supporting You

If you have a charity Actual Play stream coming up and you need a GM, player, or chat moderator, hit me up! If I can make it work with my schedule I’m always happy to help out.

I’m also happy to donate prize support to charity events when I can. That can be anything from a Gift Certificate or two from DriveThruRPG, to me writing and/or running an adventure for a lucky donor and their friends, to some free editing, to…let’s talk. DM me on Twitter or fire off an email (links on the About DLC page).

Supporting Me

If you like what I do, or if you want to help subsidize the low-cost or free editing I provide to marginalized creators, consider supporting me through the links below. I mean, I’ll be out there helping where I can regardless. But your support lets me do more, so thank you!

DriveThruRPG – I have an affiliate link that I use when I link to something on their site. If you use it to get to the site, I get a few bucks based on your purchase whether you buy the item I linked or not, as long as you got to the site through my affiliate link. Buy the stuff you would have anyway and help me out, without any extra cost to you.

TeePublic – My new logo is so pretty, how could I not want to see it on sweet, sweet merch? Buy some Dorklord Canada or Prairie Dragon Press (coming soon!) swag and help support the work I do. And look snazzy doing it, if I say so myself.

Ko-Fi – Have a few bucks to spare? You can buy me a coffee and directly support the work I’m doing.

Throne Wishlist – I actually started this so my family would know what to get me for my birthday and at Christmas; buying stuff for a nerd can be so challenging. Some of the items will help me expand the work I do in the TTRPG space, some of it is for personal growth and development.