Humpday Links for May 22

Long time since my last post, ready to get back, yadda yadda yadda. Let’s get to the good stuff!

– Nerds, I present your new queen.  Bow down!

– I’m making it my mission to do this in every college dorm across Canada.

– Okay artists, it’s official: boob plate armour is dumb because it can kill you. Stop using it in your art.

– Yes, you’ve likely seen the trailer for “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” But it’s cool, so watch it again!

– I personally would welcome a visit from Galactic Groomers.

– I love real life “nerds done good” stories, and the creators of “Cards Against Humanity” fit the bill.

– So if he’s cleaning up the world’s oceans at 19, what does he do for an encore?

I don’t care what the scientists say, if Canada wanted a Wall, we could build it; we’re Canadians, not Can’tadians.

– Miss those old gaming magazines like “The General” and “Ares”? The internet has your back.

– Speaking of D&D, these are just a few of the ads I grew up with. See? D&D was always cool!

– For the Whovians: sometimes you need a fancier T-shirt.

– Monte Cook has some interesting thoughts on technology and tabletop gaming.

Are you a Game Chef? Then get cooking, you only have until Sunday!

– Want to vlog for Geek & Sundry? Here’s how you do it.

– And finally: this is the sort of stuff I would spend my time doing, if time and money were no object.

Enjoy the rest of your shortened week; Friday will be here before you know it!

Humpday Links for March 20

Guten Tag, nerdlings!  Going to keep things short and sweet; I have to prepare myself, physically and spiritually, to attend a book launch tonight.  Which you should attend, by the way.  Happy Harbor, 5pm, launching not one, but two locally crafted books: Masked Mosaic by Rhonda & Jonathan Parrish; and What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank, by Krista Ball.  Checkout the Facebook thingy for more details.

On to the links!

– If you are a John Green fan (I became one the same way you fall asleep, slowly, then all at once) then here is he with Craig Ferguson.

– I was squeeing pretty hard over the trailers for this season of Doctor Who.  Then this came out.

– I hate to say it, but it looks like physicists win at marriage proposals.  The math checks out.

– While we’re on marriage, Sir Ian McKellan will officiate Sir Patrick Stewart’s wedding.  Because who else would you get?

– Next time you’re in a library, why not make poetry?

– So I wrote a little blurb about places to send your RPG work, and completely missed the Pathmaster contest over at So get on that!

– Have a deity question, a divine quandary? These guys will sort you out.

– So apparently, an island that everyone thought existed has vanished, because it was never there to start with.

– Personally, I want to spend a vacation on this street with a lawn chair and a popcorn machine.

– Me pal Liana Kerzner wrote an interesting article about EA, the resignation of its CEO and who should have got the sack.

– Staying with computer games, Supergiant is making the first game I’ve been intrigued by in a while.

This mug will be mine. And it may be the only warning you get…

Real gamers paint their armies.

– I love the movies and I love Doctor Who; I’d watch this.

– And finally, if you ever need an epic soundtrack for your epic day, this is the site for you.

That is all for this humpday, geekorinos!  If you have a link to share, drop it in the comments.  Otherwise I’ll see you at the book launch tonight or here tomorrow.

Humpday Links for May 30

May comes to an end and we slide into June, just in time for the weekend.  Have some links to get you through, and then get ready for summer!

– If you’re like me and you spend a lot of time contemplating the coming zombie apocalypse, you might want to check out these homes.

Jonathan Coulton has a new song, Redshirt, the theme for the upcoming John Scalzi novel of the same name.

– This is a touching little tale of how R2D2 allowed a dad deployed overseas to still have dinner with his family.

– I have to believe this 10-year-old is being raised up right.

– I happen to think the character of Hawkeye makes total sense in the Avengers universe.  But the Avengers don’t seem to agree.

– So apparently there are some things they won’t let you talk about at TED. So…what’s the point of TED, then?

– Are you someone who loves supporting RPG projects on Kickstarter?  Hate hunting for them?  This site has your back.

– If Heroclix is your bag, then you need to get some HeroSnapZ.  I think @Doctor_Teeth might get a Christmas surprise…unless he reads this blog.

– If you are in the market for a tattoo, you’re tattoo artist has some helpful tips.

– Maybe we don’t want the Singularity, if lawyers/corporations will be involved.

– This Joan of Arc armour is made from bicycle tubes and cardboard.  I know, right!?

– Have you ever thought, “Man, I wish John Hughes and George Lucas had made a movie together.”  If you did, it might look a lot like Hughes the Force.  If not, what is wrong with you!?

– Ever wondered why the Doctor’s companions are generally young, attractive females?  Steven Moffat has your answer.

– Why just have tea, when you can have EPIC TEA!

Want to turn your living room into the bridge of a starship?  If you answer no, good day sir.  I SAID GOOD DAY!

– And finally, This a great treat from the Nerdist Channel: an interview with Leonard Nimoy.

Have anything you want to share from the web?  Drop it in the comments below.

Humpday Links for April 11

Good morrow, fair gentles!  The apex of the weekly grind is upon us, as we struggle through to the downhill slide into the weekend.  Please let these links ease your passage…

– If I were a teacher, this is the sort of thing that would get me in trouble.  And I’d be okay with that.

– Someone is working on a documentary about RoboGames, which would be damn cool.  Sadly, look like they still need a lot of support.

– Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford did a panel on the future of D&D at PAX East.  I’ll have more on this later…

– Speaking of 5th edition, Wundergeek has some advice on how WotC can better treat women in the new game.  I’ll have more on this later as well…

– In other news, this story has pushed Norway to the top of the list of other countries I would live.  Maybe I can become their Minister of Gaming Relations…

– This is so awesome I have nothing clever to lead into it: A Pac-Man fan film. Enjoy!

– I feel like I wasted my high school years with all that studying, when I could have built a Viper simulator

– This is a heart-warming video making the rounds, and if you don’t tear up while watching it you are the worst.  I give you Caine’s Arcade.

– I’ve posted it before and I’ll likely post it again, but suck it.  The Series 7 trailer for Doctor Who.

– Over at Dork Tower, John Kovalic has perfectly encapsulated my attitude towards Kickstarter campaigns

– Do you have your Nerd I.D. card yet?

– According to Brian Patterson and Hijinks Ensue, I should be happy my Doctor Who RPG campaign never got off the ground

Pathfinder Organized Play is thriving in Denmark.  Maybe I can vacation there when I move to Norway…

This is my pal Liana K., one of the smartest and geekiest people I know.  If you get the chance to talk to her I highly recommend it, it is…so choice.

– And finally, a little inspiration from one Bruce Lee.  Now get ready for the weekend, ya big lugs!

Got links of your own? Share them in the comments.  Until tomorrow, gentles!

Humpday Links for September 28

Oh, the links I have for you today!  Yes, much linkage, a veritable cornucopia of linking pleasure…yeah, I got nothing. To the links!

– As a DM, when a player behaves badly it is always nice to get an apology.  And it sounds like this guy had a lot to apologize for

– Want some cute fun?  All you have to do to start is draw a stickman.

– Some guy went a little overboard when he sent some stuff to be signed by Simon Pegg.  This was Simon Pegg’s reply.

– Okay, Christmas is coming and I would take any of these.  But if you get me the Silmarillion one, me love you long time…

– Want a hardcore nerd ring-tone? Ditch the movie/anime themes, and grab one of these NASA soundbites instead.

– So you picked up one of those life-size plastic skeletons for Halloween, but now you want to jazz it up? Let this guy show you how to make a convincing corpse.

– Staying with Halloween, here is a cheap and easy way to make a Stormtrooper/sci-fi helmet, using just a milk jug.

– It’s no secret I love Doctor Who.  So does this guy, and he gives some pretty good reasons why

– For the hardcore role-player: can you truly become your character, if you don’t smell like your character?

Apparently Google is working on Google Drive again. For reals.

– Animaniacs was not only fun, but educational.  Remember this?

– I love sushi, so there is no question at all that I want to go to here!

– This one comes steaming hot from the “Are You $#@%ing Kidding Me!?” file: a musical chairs reality show.

– I’m giving you fair warning: when Star Trek: Infinite Space releases, the blog may experience…a lapse.  Of indeterminate duration.

Okay, that should hold you for now.  Back to the nerdery bright and early tomorrow!

Humpday Links for September 21

Good morrow, fair gentles!  Wednesday has arrived, and we needs must get through it to enjoy the slide into the weekend.  Please partake of these links which, if not enjoyable, should at least fill a few long minutes of the day:

– Let us start with some crazy!  According to this gentleman, when Lucas messes with the Star Wars movies he is not just upsetting fans, he is thwarting the will of extra-terrestrial visitors!

– From crazy we go to awesome, and read a letter from a gamer to his as-yet-to-be-born daughter.  My favourite quote? “If at age 30 you are little more than the currency that fools have paid you, spend yourself.” I actually fist-pumped.

– Speaking of fist-pumps: Brian Patterson over at D20Monkey has a new shirt inspired by the latest news surrounding Monte Cook and WotC.  Pre-order now, and get your Sharpie ready to check a box…

– Like Wil Wheaton?  Love animals?  Then follow this link and donate to help Wil and Anne Wheaton raise funds for the Pasadena Humane Society.  And then maybe donate time/money to your local humane society.  Just saying…

– This is geeky, inasmuch as it helps stave off the global food apocalypse.  Eat Local First is a site I discovered through a friend, that provides groceries grown/produced right here in Alberta.  And I’m sure if you nosed around you could find one in your area.

– Ever wonder what exactly goes into fantasy and sci-fi editing?  Here is an interview with Ellen Datlow, esteemed SF editor, that should answer some of those burning questions.

– Though I haven’t discussed it with my Thursday night gaming group yet, I think the idea behind Play a New RPG Month is a good one.  I’m going to give it a whirl, and you should too!

– Another gaming nerd event, this time proposed by The Escapist: Read an RPG Book in Public Week. Or RARPGBIPW, as it is lovingly known.  It’s almost Welsh…

– For those tens of you that, like me, are huge Babylon 5 fans, Pat Tallman’s new book will be of some interest…

Steve Jackson Games is running a new contest; seems they have a game coming out in 2012 and they need help naming it.  To help you along, “Kiss My Buttress!” has already been submitted.

– For those that can’t wait until Christmas to unwrap their Doctor Who news, here are some Christmas episode updates from Bleeding Cool.

– Continuing the Whovering, this has made the rounds a lot lately, but is really damn cool so listen to it again!

– And finally: This ought to shut up every loud mouth who ever said you were wasting your time playing video games (that’s right Mom, I called you a loud mouth. What are you gonna-ow!  Not the ear, ow ow ow!)

Enjoy your Wednesday, and join me tomorrow for something far more serious…though probably not.  As always, share your comments below!

Humpday Links for August 31

It certainly has been a busy few days here at Renaissance Dork.  Frankly, I’m ready to get back to enjoying my geekery instead of having to defend it.  In that spirit I’ve tried to find links to, well…silliness would be the best way to describe it.  So, in an effort to remind myself and you why we love this hobby so much, please enjoy the link smorg I’ve laid on for you today:

– I think we can agree, this pie chart is pretty darn accurate.

– Did you ever feel like your DM or players needed to be officially rewarded for their gaming prowess?  Look no further than this collection of GM Merit Badges, courtesy of Strange Magic.  Now, if I can just hunt up my old Scouting sash…

– Fan Expo was this past weekend, and apparently Toronto’s The Daily Mail had some douchey things to say about Haydn Panettiere’s appearance.  Eliza Dushku wrote a letter to them, explaining the error of their ways.  Here’s hoping it did some good.  Also, did not know Ms. Dushku’s middle name was Patricia.

– Ever wonder how the world might have developed if there hadn’t been an extinction-level event that killed most of the dinosaurs?  Then you need to visit the alternate world of Spec, and take a look at some pretty decent best guesses.

– If I had the money and six months to wait, I might just ask Benjamin Harff to make me a hand-illuminated copy of The Silmarillion of my very own.

– If you are a Game of Thrones fan (and why wouldn’t you be?), please enjoy some wonderful cartoon versions of all the characters, courtesy of artist Themico.

– Here is a thoughtful little article on body perception and the portrayal of lady geeks, “Do You Wear Your Clothes or Do Your Clothes Wear You?”

– Courtesy of Geek Soap, now you can show your true allegiance in the Game of Thrones.  Or if you’re like me, use both sides to keep clean…

– Continuing with Game of Thrones, here is an amazing version of the theme song, performed by a solo violinist.  Yes, I know, another one. But this one is pretty great.

– Jim C. Hines, fantasy author, presents for your amusement the lyrics to “Baby Got Books”, with apologies to Sir Mixalot.  Now we just need to record it…

– Here’s a little something about Phoenix Jones, real-life superhero.

– And of course, what we’ve been missing from out lives is the various Doctors, drawn as cats.  You’re welcome.

– All I can say about this shirt is, “Dear God Yes!”

– And finally, from the “About Damn Time Department” comes this series of women in sensible armour.  Does anyone else think they actually look hotter when armed and armoured properly?

That’s your Humpday links for this week, I hope that helped you while away some of your Wednesday.  We’ll see you tomorrow for some more fun and frivolity!

Humpday Links for August 17

It’s that time again, gentles!  Have a whole mess of links to get you through to the weekend.  And while you’re checking these out I’m going to work out for a while.

– It’s no secret by now that Eureka has been cancelled.  It’s almost like SyFy is Fox’s little brother, imitating in the hopes big brother will think them cool.  And though I don’t think it will do any good, you can check out the effort to save Eureka.

– In other television news, the popularity of cable television seems to be dropping off.  Personally, I think we are closer than further to a point in which television favours streaming and/or on-demand.  I think cable companies are going the way of companies that made widgets for wooden sailing ships.

– Closer to home, Edmonton’s Fringe Festival this year features Sustainival, a fully green carnival.  I had reservations about adding carnival rides to a theatre festival, but I spoken with smart people that give me good reasons why they should stay.

– Geek vs. Life features a great article on cosplay and feeling good in your own skin.  I’ll admit, I’m guilty of judging some cosplayers based on body-type. But I’m getting better.

– Here is a little behind-the-scenes look at Team Unicorn’s latest photo shoot.  Learn the secrets of their radioactive goo, and how the Unicorns are like Ninja Turtles.

– NPR has released a list of the Top 100 Sci-fi and Fantasy Books.  I’m happy to report that I have read at least 60% of this list.  I’m also happy to report I now have a shopping list for my next bookstore run…

– Sticking with fantasy literature for a while, here are some interesting artist renderings of the dwarves from The Hobbit.  I really think I prefer these to the photos I’ve seen for the upcoming movie, but then what do I know?

– Scott Kurtz, creator of PVP webcomic, talks about his very smart and honest use of product placement in his work.

– No one wants to see this more than I, but I do have some reservations regarding a possible biopic of Gary Gygax.  $150 million seems like a lot.  Also, I’d much prefer a straight ahead documentary than some semi-fictional tomfoolery.

– In a trend I could fully support, Paizo outsells Wizards of the Coast.  I think WotC/Hasbro will have to seriously consider listening to their player base, because that will be the only thing that saves them from this slump.

– A little ditty from Reggie Watts and Amanda Palmer about our beloved Doctor.

– Last but not least: from @geekyjessica comes this pictorial comparison of the Women of Sci-Fi vs. the Women of Prime Time.  No surprise, Sc-fi for the win!

That ought to hold you for a while.  If you have your own links to share, send them through the comments, below.

Humpday Links for July 20th

Welcome to a new permanent feature for my blog, the Humpday Links.  Everyone can use a distraction midway through the week to help them make it to the weekend.  So every Wednesday I’ll provide a cavalcade of links for your viewing pleasure.  And if you want to share some links in the comments, please do!

In the mean time, on with the links!

– This is an important thing for geeks everywhere to remember: Words Hurt.

– Even though Disney dropped “of Mars” from the title for their own inscrutable reasons, John Carter looks pretty darn good!

– Google+ is still in its infancy, but there is already an in-crowd for gamers.  Here are the 20 Gamers to Follow on Google+.

– With 19 days to go in the Kickstarter, Womanthology has already blown away its goal.  Still plenty of time to show your support, and they have something special planned if they make it to $100,000.

– Do you have problems staying on top of your email?  Then maybe you should read and sign the Email Charter.

– This one is for the Doctor Who fans that love Shakespeare: David Tennant and Catherine Tate sing Sigh No More from Much Ado About Nothing.

– This is a great article discussing the limitations of women in Fantasy.  I highly recommend it.

– Apparently Stormtroopers compensate for being the worst shots in the Star Wars universe, by doing super awesome charity work.  This Stormtrooper is walking across Australia in his armour.

– Are you heading to San Diego Comic Con this weekend?  Looking for love while you’re there?  Why not play some bingo while you look?

– The web-comic Loaded Dice is back, for all your RPG comic nerdery needs.