Humpday Links for April 11

Good morrow, fair gentles!  The apex of the weekly grind is upon us, as we struggle through to the downhill slide into the weekend.  Please let these links ease your passage…

– If I were a teacher, this is the sort of thing that would get me in trouble.  And I’d be okay with that.

– Someone is working on a documentary about RoboGames, which would be damn cool.  Sadly, look like they still need a lot of support.

– Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford did a panel on the future of D&D at PAX East.  I’ll have more on this later…

– Speaking of 5th edition, Wundergeek has some advice on how WotC can better treat women in the new game.  I’ll have more on this later as well…

– In other news, this story has pushed Norway to the top of the list of other countries I would live.  Maybe I can become their Minister of Gaming Relations…

– This is so awesome I have nothing clever to lead into it: A Pac-Man fan film. Enjoy!

– I feel like I wasted my high school years with all that studying, when I could have built a Viper simulator

– This is a heart-warming video making the rounds, and if you don’t tear up while watching it you are the worst.  I give you Caine’s Arcade.

– I’ve posted it before and I’ll likely post it again, but suck it.  The Series 7 trailer for Doctor Who.

– Over at Dork Tower, John Kovalic has perfectly encapsulated my attitude towards Kickstarter campaigns

– Do you have your Nerd I.D. card yet?

– According to Brian Patterson and Hijinks Ensue, I should be happy my Doctor Who RPG campaign never got off the ground

Pathfinder Organized Play is thriving in Denmark.  Maybe I can vacation there when I move to Norway…

This is my pal Liana K., one of the smartest and geekiest people I know.  If you get the chance to talk to her I highly recommend it, it is…so choice.

– And finally, a little inspiration from one Bruce Lee.  Now get ready for the weekend, ya big lugs!

Got links of your own? Share them in the comments.  Until tomorrow, gentles!

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