Humpday Links for August 31

It certainly has been a busy few days here at Renaissance Dork.  Frankly, I’m ready to get back to enjoying my geekery instead of having to defend it.  In that spirit I’ve tried to find links to, well…silliness would be the best way to describe it.  So, in an effort to remind myself and you why we love this hobby so much, please enjoy the link smorg I’ve laid on for you today:

– I think we can agree, this pie chart is pretty darn accurate.

– Did you ever feel like your DM or players needed to be officially rewarded for their gaming prowess?  Look no further than this collection of GM Merit Badges, courtesy of Strange Magic.  Now, if I can just hunt up my old Scouting sash…

– Fan Expo was this past weekend, and apparently Toronto’s The Daily Mail had some douchey things to say about Haydn Panettiere’s appearance.  Eliza Dushku wrote a letter to them, explaining the error of their ways.  Here’s hoping it did some good.  Also, did not know Ms. Dushku’s middle name was Patricia.

– Ever wonder how the world might have developed if there hadn’t been an extinction-level event that killed most of the dinosaurs?  Then you need to visit the alternate world of Spec, and take a look at some pretty decent best guesses.

– If I had the money and six months to wait, I might just ask Benjamin Harff to make me a hand-illuminated copy of The Silmarillion of my very own.

– If you are a Game of Thrones fan (and why wouldn’t you be?), please enjoy some wonderful cartoon versions of all the characters, courtesy of artist Themico.

– Here is a thoughtful little article on body perception and the portrayal of lady geeks, “Do You Wear Your Clothes or Do Your Clothes Wear You?”

– Courtesy of Geek Soap, now you can show your true allegiance in the Game of Thrones.  Or if you’re like me, use both sides to keep clean…

– Continuing with Game of Thrones, here is an amazing version of the theme song, performed by a solo violinist.  Yes, I know, another one. But this one is pretty great.

– Jim C. Hines, fantasy author, presents for your amusement the lyrics to “Baby Got Books”, with apologies to Sir Mixalot.  Now we just need to record it…

– Here’s a little something about Phoenix Jones, real-life superhero.

– And of course, what we’ve been missing from out lives is the various Doctors, drawn as cats.  You’re welcome.

– All I can say about this shirt is, “Dear God Yes!”

– And finally, from the “About Damn Time Department” comes this series of women in sensible armour.  Does anyone else think they actually look hotter when armed and armoured properly?

That’s your Humpday links for this week, I hope that helped you while away some of your Wednesday.  We’ll see you tomorrow for some more fun and frivolity!

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