Welcome to a link-filled post on this rainy, rainy Monday in #yeg.  I am buying time until I finish writing more serious posts, so let’s get on to the distraction!

– For those with a bit of a dinosaur fetish (that’s all of us, right?), Japan has you covered.  Nothing says romance like a Jurassic-themed love hotel.

– If you love your sci-fi web-comic with a wonderful blend of action, humour and pathos, then Spacetrawler is the web-comic you need to be reading.

– Courtesy of Kynn’s LJ here is the scoop on Uri Kurlianchik, a “special” person with a “unique” perspective about inclusion in gaming.  Finding a guy like this is like finding a brand new Betamax; I get puzzled that they are still around.

– If you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, then head over here to download his complete works.  It was lovingly compiled by Cthulhu Chick and is absolutely free.  And you should also head to Amazon and up-vote the negative reviews for the guy that stole it and is trying to profit from her work. **Update: Looks like he was pulled down, since the link to his page seems to be broken.

– Live in #YEG and want to know more about podcasting? Then pick-up your ticket for the #YEG Social Media Breakfast this Friday, and let Adam Rozenhart tell you all about it.

– On the ever-growing list of cool things I want to own someday, is this gem of a globe.  Maybe I’ll wait for the price to come down…

– So Bioware got hacked by a special brand of idiot.  This is the equivalent of breaking in to someone’s house and stealing their letters from high-school.

I’m really hoping that this is a sign that the 3D movie fad is on its way out again.  Hey, why don’t we take the money wasted on formatting for 3D, and spend it on good writers?  Just a thought.

– From the “Are You Effing Kidding!?” file, I present Deep Fried Kool-Aid.

– Only a matter of time; Weird Al’s Lady Gaga parody, “Perform This Way”.

– If you have despaired that you would never be able to combine your love of Chinese history and web-comics, despair no more!

– This will be part of a longer post soon, but I am so excited I couldn’t wait: plans for the Gary Gygax Memorial move ahead!

All for now!

Comments? Questions? Amusing Anecdotes?

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