Still Chasing that Extra Life

Logo for Extra Life fundraisingI had big plans for my Extra Life fundraising this year. After raising over a thousand dollars in 2020 I was primed to make 2021 an even bigger year. But life had other plans, and between family issues, illness, and injury, I lacked the bandwidth to even try to properly fundraise.

But Extra Life is my primary charity for so many reasons and I didn’t want to just let it slide this year. So as late as I am to the party (three weeks to the November 6 gameday! Yikes!) I am launching my hard push for Extra Life fundraising today! If you can, please donate to help me raise funds to support sick kids. If you’re a gamer, I have donation incentives starting at $5, all the way up to $125. Details below:

$5 – This amount gets you a special item (magic, tech, etc) designed by me for a game of your choice. Negotiating with your GM/Storyteller to use it in your game is up to you. 🙂

$10 – $10 gets you a custom monster or GM character for your TTRPG of choice.

$25 – This amount gets you an encounter location designed by me for a TTRPG of your choice.

$50 – This gets you all three of the previous tiers, unified into a single encounter for your TTRPG!

$125I’ll run a TTRPG for you and your friends! You pick the game, I’ll figure out the rest. This can be one big donation or your group making individual donations that add up to $125; just let me know when you message me.

It’s just that simple!

And look, I know I am starting waaaay late, but I would really love to hit a goal of $1000 again this year. To that end, I will match every donation that comes in, up to $500. So you early adopters, you keeners who show your love early, get to double the effect and reach of every dollar you donate! And should we somehow reach $500 before the November 6 Game Day, I will increase the goal to $1000 and match donations for the next $500 as well. So if you absolute beauties can get us to $1000 this year, guess what, no you didn’t it’s $2000! And that’s going to work out pretty well for everyone.

So please donate if you can, and help spread the word on social media. That last is an excellent way to help out if you can’t afford a donation.

Thanks, nerds, you’re the best!


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