Time for a Revolution!

revolution-book-mockToday is the day! Unbreakable: Revolution is available in PDF form over on DriveThruRPG! I was privileged to work on this Unbreakable volume as an editor and it was one of the best experiences I have had on a project. If you’d like to hear more about what the project was like, please check out my interview with Jacky Leung (Creative Lead & Managing Director) and Jazz Eisinger (Editor In Chief) over on The Rat Hole’s YouTube channel.

Why was Unbreakable: Revolution such a good experience? Much of it came down to consistent communication. Not just how often the production team was in touch, but the foresight to know what we needed to know, what questions we might have, and making sure that information was either available, or that it was on the way. I knew at every step of the project what was expected of me, what my timelines were, and what I should expect from my fellow editors and the writers.

But communication was only part of it. The production team brought in sensitivity readers early enough in our processrev-spread-mtn to be useful to the writer and myself. I think that was key to allowing Arisia and I room to take the feedback from our reader and incorporate it into the work. If this process was more rushed, or worse came near the end of the proofreading phase (as sadly sometimes happens on many projects), I know we wouldn’t have made effective use of our reader’s notes.

As the cherry on top, there was also the sense throughout the project that we were a team and the producers were looking out for us. From how our contracts were set out through the entire production process, I felt like the producers had my best interests in hand. As a for instance, U:R was intended as a Q1 release initially. But we’re in a global panini and that makes things rough on us all. So the producers opted for a “no crunch” approach, which prioritized the health and safety of the artists, writers, and editors over rushing a book to publication. I would argue this approach made for a better book, and if I ever produce a project of my own it is certainly the way I’m going.

So all of this is to say, go get you a copy of Unbreakable: Revolution. It is filled with excellent adventures for your non-5e games and while each adventure is optimized for a specific game, each is (by design) easily adapted for whatever fantasy system you happen to be using. I don’t want to talk in too much detail about what you’ll find, as I have a review coming out on Friday over at The Rat Hole. But I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by telling you it is all very good. Much like Unbreakable Volume 1, you will want these stories at your table as soon as possible.


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