ENnies Thoughts

As I’m spending my Easter long-weekend reading through the many, many ENnies submissions we have received so far, I thought it was a good time to take a break, drink a coffee, and talk about a few of my thoughts for this year.

First, the deadline for submissions this year is May 4 (details on the ENnies website). That means the office has to have your digital submission by end-of-day, or your package has to be postage/shipper marked that date in order to still qualify. We get so many submissions every year that this is not something the office makes exceptions about, so if you’re planning to submit please don’t play chicken with this deadline. As busy as I am cramming everything in my eyeholes, I’d hate to miss out on something amazing because it missed the deadline.

And there is a lot of amazing this year! I prided myself on a wide and varied diet of TTRPG reading before becoming an ENnies judge. But this past year has been a rich smorgasbord of game material, both from the usual industry contributors, as well as independent writers and publishers. To everyone who submitted: thank-you for that. As a judge, it has been an absolute joy to read everything we have received. As a Game Master, everything we received has and will continue to inform my gaming sessions for a long time to come.

Thank-you especially to the folks in our community who are or feel marginalized, and submitted. That couldn’t have been an easy decision to make, and I know many have chosen not to submit to the ENnies for various good reasons. But I appreciated the submissions we did receive, and I can say that without exception your submissions not only broadened my perspective on what TTRPGs can be, but brought me such joy to read. The imagination and fierce vulnerability on display is a an example of the best of TTRPGs.

So if you are a marginalized creator in our hobby, and you have something that otherwise meets the ENnies submission criteria, please please please send it in! We want to see it, and speaking for myself, I’m hungry for it. Please note, I’m purposely not defining what “marginalized” means in this context. I don’t feel it’s my place to do that, and if I were to just partially list the groups I think are marginalized, someone could take that as a reason to self-exempt themselves (“Well my group isn’t listed, so I guess the %&$hole didn’t mean me!”).

One thing I’m finding it the hardest to select for is the Judges Spotlight. Every year at the ENnies, each judge gets about 10-15 minutes to talk about a single product that was a stand-out for them. It can be for any reason, and that freedom is actually the problem. There is so much that stands out to me for various reasons and I’m having a hard time narrowing it down to just one. I mean, I’m going to have to, but ugh! Why did you all have to make such good games?!

Okay, I came up for air long enough to urge folks to get submissions in. Now it’s back to cramming TTRPG goodness in my eyeholes. And earholes, a good chuck of today is giving the podcast submissions a good listen. If you want to shoot me questions or comments, you can do that below, or over on Twitter. My DMs are open, or you can publicly message me and I’ll respond as best I can.


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