Share Why You Take Part in #RPGaDAY

Final day of RPGaDAY 2018, and I hope you’ve found my posts useful and/or entertaining. I enjoy taking part in these every year, even if I haven’t quite mastered the “aDAY” portion of the event. Sometimes the questions posed are things I’ve never given much thought to, or they help me look at my hobby a different way. Sometimes they just let me reaffirm my love for TTRPGs, or pass along a game or an idea I think other people will love, too. Since I sort of treat Gen Con as Gaming New Year, it’s a great way for me to start my new year, sharing my love for this hobby.

Starting next week we’ll be going to a “2+” posting schedule. I’ll post twice a week for sure, with additional posts as the spirit moves me. And of course if you can’t get enough of me here, head over to The Rat Hole. We’ll be taking a look at the Pathfinder Playtest over there, so you can get me first impressions on that when they go up.

Comments? Questions? Amusing Anecdotes?

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