RPGaDAY Twenty-Eight

What film/series is the biggest source of quotes in your group?

Depends on the group. One group is packed with Old Gamers, so we tend to a lot of quotes from Eighties and Nineties sci-fi and fantasy movies (Ice Pirates, Ladyhawke, Time Bandits), with the standard stuff from the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises. Some of my younger groups, however, tend to quote from Harry Potter or the latest Doctor Who. And then I’m a big fan of new series like Killjoys and Dark Matter, so I’ll quote them when the opportunity presents.

I find every gaming group has their own list of favourite quotes, and that can tell me a lot about how I’m going to fit in that group. Not so much the quotes themselves, but how members of a group react if you don’t “get” the quote. Because it’s a form of shared communication within the group, how the group treats outsiders really comes through in how they treat you as you learn the special codes and phrases. I’ve sometimes pretended not to understand a movie reference, just to see their reaction. And I’ve left groups where this stuff was meant to be a gatekeeping device. I only have so much time to game in a week, so if a group thinks I need to pass some sort of quiz to play with them, I don’t need to be there.

Comments? Questions? Amusing Anecdotes?

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