RPGaDAY Twenty-Three, Twenty-Four

Which RPG has the most jaw-dropping layout?

It’s not one that I own, but please check out anything to do with Invisible Suns by Monte Cook Games. It Kickstarted as a deluxe gaming system, and it is a beautiful work of art before you even play the game. Add to that all the gorgeously-themed digital support for the game, and in my opinion the game is definitely worth the high price tag. I wouldn’t want every game to go this route, but I’m happy there are a few games releasing luxury versions.

Share a PWYW publisher who should be charging more.

All of them. I don’t think pay what you will should be an option. I think if you are selling stuff on DriveThru RPG or DMs Guild, or any other online venue, you should set your price and spit in their eye if they don’t like it. That doesn’t mean go overboard, but figure out your price and run with it. Personally, I am less likely to purchase something which is pay what you can. I realize that makes me different from most people, but seeing PWYC next to an item tells me that the author doesn’t have confidence in their work. And if they don’t why would I?

I should note, I don’t have an issue with free items, because to me that’s just a useful marketing tool. I’ve given away things here on the blog, after all. Having an item or two you give away so folks can decide if your style matches what they are looking for is just good business, especially in this hobby. But otherwise, set your price.

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