RPGaDAY Eleven

Which ‘dead game’ would you like to see reborn?

This was a harder question to answer than I thought, because so many of the games I used to play which are now out of print are either, a) coming back into print thanks to crowdfunding, or b) such a product of their time, I’m not sure how popular they’d be today. In Nomine RPG is a good example of the latter. It was so much a product of the ’90s Christian Occult B-movie craze (think The Prophecy) that I don’t know how well it would fare today. Though with the popularity of Supernatural and Lucifer, maybe it would be okay.

But my answer has to be Sky Realms of Jorune. It was the first of the ‘science fantasy’ settings I ever played/GMed, and it had such a unique take on the concept of “adventuring”, something I hadn’t seen before or since. In Sky Realms, one of the main goals of your character was to be of as great a service to society as possible, and have that service recorded by others. That last bit was important, because the person in question, if they wanted to record your service officially, had to either travel to a central location and have your name and service inscribed for all to see, or they had to go through quite a bit of trouble to send word through a third-party. And it wasn’t enough just to save the day, you had to do so in such a way that you didn’t appear to be doing it just for the notoriety. So a lot more thought went in to what you did, why you did it, and what exactly motivated you as a hero. Compare that to the all-too-common “murder hobo” tendencies of many gaming groups, and it was no wonder players at the time found it challenging. But I think it could make a successful comeback in the current gaming market, with the continued rise of indie games.

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