DnDtober 6th: Displacer Beast

Yes, I missed a day. A cold grew from the con crud, and and blossomed in my lungs. Don’t worry, I’m back on track and I’ll make sure to slip some posts in for the days I’ve missed. I think you’ll especially like the goblin entry…

But today is DnDtober the sixth, which means displacer beast. I like displacer beasts, and I’ve used them to great effect in past games. I have nothing about how to make the monster itself cooler, but I did have a few ideas for magic items you could make from the beast, once they are defeated. While I use D&D terminology, they can easily be adapted to any system with a bit of tweaking.

* * *

Displacer Whip

Made from the tentacle of a displacer beast, this magical whip employs some of the natural magic its former host to make defending against it more difficult. Attacks from the whip seem to hit the target from random directions, regardless of where they are in relation to the attacker. The wielder of a displacer whip attacks with advantage, due to the unexpected directions the attack may come from. In addition, once per day the wielder can cast blink on them self. This ability resets after a long rest.

Shifting Rug

A useful item for any one afraid of attacks in their own home, the shifting rug is made from the pelt of a displacer beast. To be used in the rug’s creation the pelt must be relatively whole. The magic of the rug is active whenever the rug is flat on any horizontal surface. A command word can be spoken as a reaction to activate the rug’s power. When activated, the speaker of the command word and up to three others (designated mentally when the rug is activated) within 30′ of the rug gain become spatially shifted, like a living displacer beast. Attacks against them suffer disadvantage, unless the attacks come from a creature or foe which does not rely on sight.

That’s it for today. Stop in tomorrow to hear all about ogres!

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