The Lazy Gamer

81391af9b3cf660f8386f934e1d06577_originalOkay, so I’m talking about Kickstarter so much this week, you’d think I had stocks in the company. *checks portfolio again* Still nope. But there is just so much cool stuff I can’t get away. And when that cool thing is locally made, how can I not support it? I can’t not, that’s how! (English is my gooder speaked language)

The Lazy Gamer is a new product from Edmonton-based company Team Tabletop. As the name suggests, the Lazy Gamer is a “lazy susan” for gamers; it sits in the center of your gaming table and allows you to turn the board to face specific players. It currently comes in two styles, perfect for a variety of board game sizes, and the construction on it looks solid, with a side of bad-ass. Both styles boast a 1.25-inch clearance from the table, which means players can still lay out their cards on the table surface without fear they’ll be swept away as the Lazy Gamer turns. This looks like a beautiful and elegant solution to the space problem facing a lot of gamers.

And the price point isn’t bad, either. If you live here in Edmonton, or are close enough to come and pick up, the smaller Baron will run you $140, while the larger Goliath is only $30 more. If you need to have it shipped, obviously there’s shipping costs on top of that, and they’ve provided estimates on the campaign page. But I honestly think this is such a good deal, it will be the very rare local board gamer who won’t try to jump on this deal. I did, minutes after I first heard about it. Yes, I am weak.

So check it out. You’ve got 29 more days to decide, and the project is already fully funded so it will happen. I’m curious to see what stretch goals come as the numbers climb. And I’m seriously debating whether I need a second one…

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