#RPGaDay, Day 24: Favourite House Rule

My favourite house rule is one I implemented for the Jade Regent Adventure Path campaign we just started. Instead of tracking XP and making sure they get enough at the right times, I’m going to just level them as appropriate. I wouldn’t do it for a regular homebrew campaign. But for the Pathfinder Adventure Paths it just makes sense, and it’s the best way to make sure they are level appropriate as they move through the books.

The challenge becomes, how do I reward them for particularly good role-playing? Usually I give out extra XP for those sorts of things. In this case, the AP we’re running actually helps. Jade Regent ties each PC to one of the main NPCs, and a lot of the ongoing story is how their relationship develops. So one of the best ways for me to reward good role-playing is to give bonus perks to the PC’s relationship status, which will have deliver a mechanical bonus to the PC in time. As well, bonus magic, usually in the form of one-use items, is a good way to reward RP at low-levels. At higher levels, I like to add something interesting or quirky to an existing magic item just to give the PC a little bonus, and make their life interesting.

What’s your favourite house rule? Comment below!

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