#RPGaDay, Day 12: Favourite RPG Illustration

Hands down, my favourite current RPG artist is Wayne Reynolds. I like a lot of other RPG artists as well, for a variety of different reasons; Larry Elmore, Mike Sass, Jeff Dee, Bill Willingham, David Trampier, Erol Otis. But Wayne Reynolds’ work is so iconic, and tells a great story with even the simplest image, that I am drawn to his work.

My favourite piece by him is the one which drew me in to the world of Pathfinder, the cover image from Adventure Path #1, Burnt Offerings.


I mean, it’s just a picture of goblins, right? But up until this point, goblins had been the sad little punching bags of the adventuring world, more comic relief than threat. These goblins are definitely a threat! This picture, for me, signaled the shift Paizo was making in regards to their campaign world. And Wayne Reynolds captured that new tone perfectly. Thanks to him, goblins are scary again.

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