This Blog is not a Gatekeeper

If you’re a gamer and have spent any amount of time on-line in the last few weeks you’re likely familiar with at least the basics of Gamergate. If you’re not, I’m not going to take space here explaining it. Others have done a better job than I could, and a few moments with your search engine de jour will find you that information. If you are unfamiliar with the recent goings on I think it’s a search you should make. I don’t think I’m understating things to say that how we, as the gaming community, deal with the issues surrounding inclusiveness in gaming, will decide whether our hobby grows or not.

Let me state a few points of my position on this whole thing, for clarity. I am not neutral on the subject of inclusiveness. I want my hobby to grow and I’m willing to fight for that growth. I am not going to give both sides of the inclusiveness argument equal weight because one side (wanting inclusiveness) is right and the other (anyone against it) is flat fucking wrong. If you don’t think the only pre-requisite for being a gamer is the desire to, and playing of, games, you are 100% on the wrong side of the issue. As far as I’m concerned, the only discussion worth having about inclusiveness in gaming is, how do we ensure the maximum number of gamers see themselves in a meaningful way in the games being produced?

Some may argue my view is unbalanced, because I’m not giving equal time to both sides. I don’t care. I see no point in giving equal weight to ignorance. Some might say I’m jumping on the bandwagon with all the other Gamergate posts, trying to ride the wave of the latest click-bait issue. Tough. At this point, and in light of recent events, what little voice I have must be raised. Silent support helps no one. If that gets me branded a White Knight or a Social Justice Warrior (two titles which sound bad-ass, so I’m not sure why the MRA trolls think those terms are pejorative), fan-freaking-tastic. I’ll slap those titles on my next set of business cards.

It’s worth noting, I haven’t always had these beliefs. To my shame, I have set myself up as a gatekeeper in the past. I have been exclusive, with all the ignorance that goes along with that. What changed? There is a saying I heard years back; if you look around the gaming table and can’t spot the asshole, it’s probably you. So I grew up. I decided that, whatever else I did in my hobby, I’d work to not be the asshole at the table. I’m not always successful, but these days I succeed way more than I fail and I keep the line trending up. Realizing it wasn’t my place to decide who’s at the table with me was a big part of that.

So if you continue to read my blog, you’ll have to accept that all are welcome here. Everything I write will have that vein of inclusiveness running through it, because it is important to me. If you don’t like that, feel free to save us a both some wasted time and go. I’m sure you can find a gaming blog with a tone more to your liking. Sadly.

That’s it. Short, not-so-sweet, and to the point. Feel free to add your comments below, and I promise we’ll be back to game posts tomorrow.

One thought on “This Blog is not a Gatekeeper

  1. Well said. People working against inclusiveness boggle my mind, I cannot grasp the ignorance in their position and the only possible explanations that I can come up with are a mental imbalance or severe indoctrination.

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