RPGaDay, Day 5: Most Old School RPG Owned

I’ve culled a lot of my collection over the past few years, but I’ve kept a few things which mean a lot to me. One of those is a copy of Metamorphosis Alpha, an early TSR sci-fi game. If it came out now, it would certainly fall in the beer-and-pretzels category of role-playing games; light, easy to get in to, and packed with fun.

The premise was simple: You are all passengers on the colony ship Warden. The ship has been struck by radiation, mutating you and your fellow passengers into horrid creatures. Worse, you no longer remember how to use much of the technology around you. Now, survive!

Did it make for many long-term campaigns? No. But we lost many an evening playing out the misadventures of our irradiated colonists. Through the haze of time I can’t think of a single moment that stands out, other than the good times spent. But that’s okay, the good times were enough. And I still pull interesting ideas and hooks from the game, even now.  So that was $6 well spent.

What’s your oldest game? Share in the comments!

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