More Canadian Kickstarters!

I wrote a post a while back when Kickstarter opened itself to Canadian creators, so I figured it was about time to look in and see what’s new. First off, there are a lot more nerdy projects coming from the Strong and Free and it makes me happy. I’m glad Canadian creators are getting the chance to use this funding tool to its full potential. It has meant a slew of great projects, especially for tabletop games. And it’s nice to have projects I can look at that don’t have huge shipping fees; I know it is necessary, but if I have the option to avoid it so much the better.

Here are three Canadian tabletop gaming Kickstarters that caught my eye:

1) Backstab (Funding Deadline: January 11, 2014) – A very cool looking card/role-playing game out of Montreal, Backstab is very much in the vein of games like Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow. It promises to be a game of strategy and political intrigue, and will be available in both French and English.  Jumping in at the $25 level gets you the game when it releases, which is pretty reasonable. Higher funding levels allow you to help design cards and/or characters in the game, and even have your game delivered by Backstab’s creator. I’m a little concerned that they’ve rolled shipping into each pledge level instead of making it a separate cost, because I’m not certain they understand how pricey that can be. That aside, if you like the Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow style of game and want something with a more political intrigue bent, Backstab would be in your wheelhouse.

2) Labyrinths: Customized Modular Dungeon Terrain (Funding Deadline: December 19, 2013) – Missed out on the Dwarven Forge terrainpocalypse on Kickstarter? Here’s your chance to jump on some sweet looking modular terrain produced by Iron Ring Games out of Halifax. What I’m seeing looks every bit as good as the much touted Dwarven Forge terrain, and at a more affordable price point for most gamers. You also have the option of getting one of nine custom paint jobs on your tiles, plus additional design choices, accessory sets, and so on. They have exceeded their funding goal and have some cool stretch goals on offer. If you missed the DF Kickstarter, or just need more terrain (and who doesn’t), give Labyrinths a good look. But do it fast, you have only three days!

3) Master Plan Board Game (Funding Deadline: January 1. 2014) – A new board game out of Calgary, Master Plan pits you as the Hero against a plethora of villains bent on destroying or conquering your city. This game is in its final Alpha stage right now, before they begin Beta testing the game with new players. While just about everything about this game at this stage seems up in the air, I’d argue that this type of project is exactly what Kickstarter was designed to help. I am a little dismayed that the funding level to get you a copy of the game is $80; that seems a little high, especially with no near-final artwork to show off and entice me. However, if you want to take a chance  on what could be a great new game, then take the plunge and support Master Plan.

Any Canadian Kickstarters you’ve found that you’d like to share? Drop a link in the comments; if I get enough I’ll write another post.

4 thoughts on “More Canadian Kickstarters!

  1. As to 2, I’ve used Hirst Arts before myself and have been very pleased with the product. The work that this company is putting out appears to be of very high quality.

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