3 RPG Blogs You Should Read

Recently I joined the RPG Blog Alliance, an agrigator for role-playing blogs. I wanted to get my blog in front of a slightly wider audience (which has happened), but I was equally interested in having a source of good blogs for my own enjoyment. While sites like Gnome Stew or RPG.net are great, sometimes I want a more personal touch in what I’m reading. I mean, I enjoy taking in panels at a con and getting that sort of polished delivery, but I also enjoy sitting around with fellow gamers and talking about the hobby. The blogs I’ve discovered over at RPG Blog Alliance fit that bill nicely, and I’ve had a great time rambling through them.

Here are three of my favourites so far, in no particular order:

Sarah Darkmagic – Sarah Darkmagic is the blog of RPG writer Tracy Hurley, and I’m so happy I found it. Reading through her blog is a lot like getting together for coffee with a gaming buddy. There’s a broad range of interesting posts; yes, gaming related ones like product reviews and game play posts, but also things outside the hobby that might be of interest to gamers and GMs. I love finding out about things like the Getty Museum’s open online collection, or books like A Labyrinth of Kingdoms. Good GMs read and learn outside the hobby for inspiration, and thanks to Sarah, er, Tracy, I get wind of gems like these on a regular basis. She also spends time discussing sexism and issues facing equality in the gaming community and industry, something I appreciate because it often doesn’t get discussed enough. If you’re looking for a great site that’s always going to have something interesting, I can’t recommend her enough.

Role Play Craft – At about 3 months old Role Play Craft is a very young blog, but don’t let it’s youth fool you; it makes up for it with great content. Patrick came out of the gate strong with setting and adventure oriented posts, and an obvious passion for the D&D Next playtest and game. I find inspiration every time I visit, and I’ve read and re-read posts several times. I’m also glad to see someone on-board the D&D 5th bandwagon, and I share Patrick’s hope this next iteration will revitalize the game. If you want to get in on the ground floor of a great source for setting and adventure ideas, plus an ongoing look at the new D&D, Role Play Craft is for you.

The Geek Life Project – It’s no secret I’m an Old Gamer (35 years and counting, baby!), and while I enjoy this time in our hobby I also like taking the occasional look back. The Geek Life Project scratches that itch, while also giving me a great sampling of gaming nerd stuff from around the interwebz. Plus, it’s sort of a two-for-one deal, because you can also check out They Might Be Gazebos (his other blog) for a dose of OSR creativity. I’m not going to lie, I’ve lost chunks of my day looking through old Classic Dungeons Revisited posts and reminiscing about games gone by. If you like a good mix of old and new in your gaming blog, give both blogs a look.

What gaming blogs do you read? Drop your recommendations in the comments!



5 thoughts on “3 RPG Blogs You Should Read

  1. Hi there R.G.,

    Followed the link at RPG Alliance. Thanks for the tips, I look forward to checking out these blogs (and yours as well). I too have just recently joined up with the alliance for the same reasons as you. In answer of your question though, some of my favorite blogs to dater are:

    THE ALEXANDRIAN – by Justin Alexander. Simply put Justin’s articles on game design have been one of the biggest influencing factors of my own thoughts of the games in recent years. I have spent hours reading through back articles he’s written. So I’d highly recommend checking out what he’s up to at: http://thealexandrian.net/.

    HACK & SLASH – by Courtney Campbell. Courtney is a very prolific blogger with heaps of great insights into the game. She also has a couple of free pdf downloads on ‘Interesting Treasure’ and ‘Tricks, Empty Rooms & Trap Design’ which are incredibly useful and invaluable game aids, as well as one commercial product ‘On the Non-Player Character’ which I intend to purchase. Another blog with loads of value: http://hackslashmaster.blogspot.co.nz/

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