Like to game a lot? Come to GameAlot!

glbannerYeah, okay, time to let one of the other multiple personalities write blog titles for a while. But in all fairness the title says it all: if you like games and you live with reasonable distance of St. Albert, you need to be at GameAlot this weekend.

GameAlot is the annual in-store gaming convention run by Mission: Fun and Games in St. Albert. Held over the weekend after Labour Day, the mini-con is a three day celebration of gaming in all their incarnations. It has been an annual tradition at the store for as far back as I can remember, and one I look forward to every year even if I don’t always make it out to play.

For me, GameAlot epitomizes what a gaming convention is about. Playing games? Natch. Getting together with old friends around the gaming table? Check. Meeting new people and trying new games? Double check. And if you like the game you just played…well, you are in a game store. The only issue might be getting a copy before they run out.

I can’t recommend GameAlot enough, so come by and roll some dice. This year it runs September 6-8, starting Friday at 10am and running during store hours (though games go to midnight on both Friday and Saturday). Admission is cash or food donation to the Food Bank, and there is a list of needed items on the store page, along with recommended amounts per day. But if you’re going all weekend, just $20 in food or cash gets you all the games you can play, and entry into the many prize draws that happen.

I’ll be there all day Sunday running tables of the new Cheapass Games, so feel free to stop by and join me. We’ll game the day away, as one should!

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