Humpday Links for July 3

As we blaze into summer, why not cool off with some refreshing internet links? Or at least distract yourself from the blistering heat for a few moments.

– A lot more goes into wearing a space suit than you might think.

– The call for submissions has gone out for Wayfinder #10! Start writing those Qadira and Katapesh related articles!

– The important difference between a taxi and an ambulance…

– Crop circles are yesterday’s news. Let’s talk about rice paddy art.

– An important read on con harassment.

Lego really can be used to build anything!

– In case you needed a recap of Dexter Season 7, these puppets are here to help (NSFW).

– Hate untangling ear-bud wires? Take a cue from this guy

– Courtesy of Electric Alivia: introducing worbla, a great new cosplay material!

– GMs, if your players ever gripe about what they can and can’t see with torches, point them thisways.

– You’ve likely seen this already, but you can never go wrong with bagpipes and AC/DC.

I don’t know what link could follow that, but if I find one I’ll drop it in later. If you have a link to share, drop it in the comments.




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