Humpday Links for January 30

Another week another Humpday!  I promise, there are real posts that will start appearing soon.  But I’ve been battling illness and free-time entropy in roughly equal measure.

One of the things taking up my time lately is fundraising for the Stollery Hair Massacure; you may remember me mentioning it before.  I did something nerdy in support of that with the help of Teespring.  The phrase occurred to me one day, and I thought it was nerdy enough to be on a shirt.  I figured I’d see if enough nerds agreed with me.  The shirts are $14 plus shipping, with all proceeds going to the Hair Massacure.  Click on the image or this link to order.

And as always, you can just click on the link in the right margin to donate.  I’m just a little over halfway to my goal, so it would be cool to blow past it.

But let’s not delay any further…to the links!

– My friend Ryan brought this awesome little animated short to my attention.  Ladies and Gentlemen, “The Reward“.

– James Ernest answers the question, “Who is Cheapass Games?

– For those that love both Star Trek and Gilbert & Sullivan, I direct you to board Starship Pinafore.  You’re welcome!

– I love hearing about any kind of online Troll getting their comeuppance, and patent Trolls are no exception.

– Under “dedication” in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Joanna Cassidy for filming a deleted scene from Bladerunner…30 years after it wrapped filming.

– I’m sure you’re all very nice, but just in case you wonder why people hate you

A secret door was discovered at Machu Picchu, leading to what they think is a huge treasure room.  You fire up the cargo plane, I’ll get the fedora and whip!

– I don’t usually endorse luring people into basements, but in this case I’ll make an exception.

DragonCon is at the start of an artist boycott because of sexual abuse charges facing its founder, Ed Kramer.  I’m interested in seeing how this plays out, but I have to say I’m proud of artists for taking a stance.

– Some sci-fi heroines aren’t necessarily saints, but we’ve found a few.

– Its goal has already been met, but you still have 7 days to get in on the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Kickstarter.  I know I am!

– Sometimes you just don’t want to eff around with weights and machines in your work-out.  Here are 44 body-weight exercises to fill the gap.

– Not unexpectedly, The Hobbit has inspired some musicians.

And that’s it for this week.  Join me next time for more stuff!

Comments? Questions? Amusing Anecdotes?

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