Humpday Links for January 23

Yikes, I’ve been away a while.  Been busy with stuff and things, you know how it goes.  Had my first exposure to the local Nerdfighters, and I had such a good time I’m going to see what prolonged exposure does.  And my Hair Massacure fundraising for the Stollery proceeds apace; almost halway to my goal with about three weeks left.  Which is three weeks left for you to donate to an amazing cause, just click on the Hair Massacure icon to the right to donate.

But without further ado, some links to get you through the humpday.  Enjoy!

– I may have linked this before, but it is worthy of a second look: the perfect chair for thinking dark thoughts.  Or for cephalopodiphiles.

– Since I just finished reading the three books that make up this story, this seemed appropriate: John Scalzi talks about the original offer on Old Man’s War.

– So Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway got together over the holidays, with pretty predictable results.

– Thanks to Aaron Williams, I will not rest until I have a “Doom Chicken 2023” shirt.

– Looking to jazz up your classic boardgames?  These might inspire you.  My personal favourite is a tie between Chocolate Scrabble and Lego Settlers of Catan.

– I came across these folks while looking for more fodder for my ereader: public domain ebooks.

– I don’t console game a lot, but I would probably do more if this was my gaming desk.  Houston, we have awesome!

Your Subway foot-long in not actually a foot long.  But unless you’re a complete idiot you already knew that.

Okay, on with your day.  Thursday and the slide into the weekend will be here soon enough!

Comments? Questions? Amusing Anecdotes?

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