Gencon Day Two: Houston, We Have a Problem!

If you haven’t already, you can read my Day Zero and Day One posts by following the links.

Dawn broke over Gencon Day Two.  And my head.  I am used to early mornings, but I usually back up that early rising with some good ol’ fashioned sleep.  I have little to complain about with my sleeping arrangements because they are free.  Except for the whole “lack of real sleep” aspect, they are perfect.  Suffice to say next year will see me springing for a cot in my room, or bringing along a really good air mattress.  Sharing a double bed with someone is a sucker’s game unless you get to/want to snuggle.

But let’s not dwell on my sleeping arrangements, let’s get on with the con.  As noted prior I was up early for my first 8am session of the con.  I am a morning person, more by habit than inclination, and so even with a lack of sleep these sessions are never a hardship for me.  Wish I could say the same for my players.  Luckily we were running through a scenario I knew very well, so I was able to lead the poor sleepy dears through it safely.  Mostly safely.  Okay, perhaps more deaths than usual okay 3 character deaths.

*     *     *

Gencon Protip:  Want your character to live longer?  Refrain from telling your table GM you chose that session as “something to sleep through.”  If you aren’t ready to play, don’t show up.  Better yet, don’t schedule an early morning game for your self right after your 4am Yu-Gi-O tourney.  Because chances are your GM is just as tired as you are, but he/she made sure to be there, switched on and ready to roll dice.  It’s called respect; get someone to help you look it up and help you with the big words.

*     *     *

With my bruised feelings suitably assuaged by the blood sacrifice of my players, I now faced an entire afternoon free of any commitments until I had to Muster for the Pathfinder Gencon Special in the evening.  I want you all to know that I actually got as far as pulling out my Gencon program guide and looking at what events were available.  I need you to know that the desire was there.  But the body was weak and I went back to my now empty hotel room and slept the most mother-beautiful four hours of sleep any one has slept any when/where.  Which is good, because the Gencon Special was about to dump me in the deep end…to be continued…

Comments? Questions? Amusing Anecdotes?

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