Humpday Links for March 21

Having survived both the Ides of March (et tu, Dorkus?) and Drunken Irish Stereotype Day, I have a pretty spiffy batch of links for your enjoyment.  So let us spring forward and get to it!

– Some people take their cosplay to a whole new level.  This is one of those people.

– Apparently Ender’s Game is pornographic.  Apparently I didn’t read the same book they did.

– Presented without comment: Darth Vader on a unicycle playing bagpipes.

– So the American Family Association is just about as close-minded and bigoted as one would expect.  So of course they object to a gay character in Archie comics

– We are less than two weeks away from the Season 2 of Game of Thrones!

– Courtesy of Stargazer: Gamers, you need to show your love for the D6 system.

– Anne R. Allen with some great advice on hiring an editor for your work.  You know, like me

– Courtesy of The Lovecraftsman: I would watch the hell out of this movie!

– Speaking of movies I’ll watch the hell out of, more stop-motion fun with the upcoming ParaNorman.

– Ever had trouble finding the perfect insult?  Why not use something from Martin Luther?

– A look at the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.  So…when does he die?

I think I could manage this at conventions

– For fans of Dirk Gently, here’s a trailer from BBC Four.  I’d love to watch this back-to-back with Sherlock, but my geek heart might explode…

– I’ve often seen things like this, late at night, when I’m strung out on the coffee.  Also, this would be tons better than whatever Michael Bay is cooking up.

– I love watching Bill Murray in serious roles, and I think Hyde Park on the Hudson will be no exception.

– And finally, if anyone has the right combination of patience and skill to build an elevator into space, its the Japanese.

That’s all for now!  If you have a link of your own to share, drop it in the comments below!

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