Back in the Saddle Again…

Okay, that was a nice little “vacation”.  I promise not to let too many more of those happen, but believe me when I say it was needed.  But I’m back and working on some new Renaissance Dork goodness for the new year.  Let’s get started.

*     *     *

I have toyed with the idea of recording a podcast for a while.  I took some steps toward doing that back in August, and spent the last 4+ months getting some technical and support aspects in place.  I am pleased to announce that you can expect to hear my mellifluous tones soon; the countdown clock has started on the first podcast release, slated for February 15.  The plan right now is to record a 3-5 show buffer, and release a new episode every two weeks.  Each episode will run 20-30 minutes in length, depending on that episode’s subject or feature; local nerd topics, interviews, reviews, discussions.  I’ll bring in other nerds when I can, so we can speak of dorkiness and give you a bit of a break from my voice.

The blog isn’t going anywhere; to start the podcast will supplement the blog, since one post during release week will be show notes and links.  That still leaves me with plenty to write about, so you’ll still be subjected to my meandering typings here.  But while we’re talking about the blog…

*     *     *

I am looking for guest posts on Renaissance Dork to fill out my schedule.  If you have some nerdy thing you want to write about and can keep it in the 500-600 word range, drop me a line at brent.jans(at), subject line GUEST POST.  I’ll answer any questions you might have, and then all the fame my tens of readers can provide will be yours!  Don’t be shy; I’m not looking for perfection, enthusiasm for your nerdery goes a long way with me.

*     *     *

This may still be news to some, but just before Christmas I started working part-time at Wizard’s Comics.  I am having a great time so far, learning the peculiarities of the comic shop biz.  I am on the staff unofficially as the store’s game expert; I keep up on the new boardgames and RPGs and advise the manager on what the store might like to stock (and yes, the store has begun stocking Pathfinder on my suggestion, so come get some).  The job is doing a few things for me: getting me out of the house on a regular basis, supplementing my freelance earnings very nicely, and expanding my education about comics.  That last is thanks in large part to the efforts of Brandon (@soupytoasterson on the Twitters). His enthusiasm for comics is contagious and his knowledge quite formidable, and I have begun learning much as his padawan.

Okay, that’s me up-to-date.  You’ll see regular posts in this space from now on, so keep stopping by for the latest from my nerdy brain.  Until tomorrow…

Comments? Questions? Amusing Anecdotes?

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