Humpday Links for December 14

Trying to wrap up a few projects around here, so I can properly enjoy the holiday season.  But as busy as I am, I would never forget the humpday links; some traditions must never die!  Onward!

– John Kovalic created the delightful toy My Little Cthulhu.  Then this guy made a 3D animated short with them.

– Sticking with YouTube for a moment, it seems the Empire has started recruiting some four-legged friends.

Think you know your punctuation marks?  Actually I was familiar with most of these by sight, even if I didn’t know the name; too many hours researching in the library…

– I’ll admit, Upside Down wasn’t even on my radar, but these pictures make me think it will be worth a look.

– If you’re like me, you’ve often wanted to compare/contrast the magic systems of Dark Crystal and The Elric Saga at a glance.  Well, you’re in luck.

– Thanks to The Mary Sue for issuing this calling out of lazy steampunks.

– No secret I love Sanctuary, and Biggie is one of my favourite characters on the show, so this interview with Christopher Heyerdahl was a treat.

Opening Dao is a great little documentary short focused on Taoism and the martial arts.

– Exciting news, Whovians!  The BBC has recovered two previously lost Doctor Who episodes, and will make them available for viewing! Squeeee!

– You’ve likely watched it already, but here’s the teaser trailer for Game of Thrones Season 2.  That’s a lot of wind…

– Here come the Men in Black, specifically, Men in Black 3.  I was excited, then the time travel aspect killed some of that.

– It seems the Star Trek versus Star Wars fighting has gotten out of control.  But George Takei has a solution…

– I’m not sure why it took a teenager to get this said, but I’m glad someone spoke up at the latest Climate Summit.

– Seems the people at Child’s Play Charity received a little surprise recently.  No surprise, gamers are awesome people!

– This may become my new Christmas anthem.  Cheers!

– And finally, here’s a little primer on male privilege and nerdery that’s worth a look.

If you are reading this post, then the Centurian Quiz deadline has passed.  Thanks to everyone that entered, and stop in tomorrow for the answers and the winners!

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