My Centurian!

Welcome to the One Hundredth Post here on Renaissance Dork!  It’s a pretty exciting day around here; one hundred posts means I can finally sit back and let the sweet syndication money flow in, right guys?  Guys? Right?

Seriously, I’m really happy to have made it to one hundred posts.  This is officially the longest I have stuck by a blog, and I don’t see myself winding down any time soon.  If anything, I have plans afoot to keep RD rolling into the future.  So thank-you to everyone who stops by to read the blog, regular or ir-.  I can see by my metrics that there are more of you every day, and even though I’d keep writing even if there were only two of you (Hi Mom & Dad!), it’s good to know more people have taken a liking to my scribbling.

As a special treat to you all, I present to you my Centurian Quiz!  Some of the questions test nerd knowledge, some can be answered by a careful search of my site and others…well, you may need to dig around for a bit to get the dirt.  But that shouldn’t be too tough for savvy nerds like you, right?  But wait, before you begin, here are the rules:

  1. Do not post your answers in comments!  Please send your answers to me at brent(dot)jans(at)gmail(dot)com, with the subject line Centurian Quiz.  Don’t forget to put you name somewhere in the email, in case your email addy doesn’t make that obvious.
  2. Top three scores will win prizes.  In the case of more than three of you getting top score, the three winners will be chosen based on the time I received their emails.  So don’t delay!
  3. I’ll pick a prize to fit the winners from my vast supply of stuff.  But don’t worry; I have a lot of suitably nerdy things to give away; Star Trek figures, books, RPG manuals, mini-games and so on.  And if I don’t have anything suitably nerdy for you, I’ll revert to the good old Gift Card!
  4. Deadline for entry is Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 8am MST.  Entries dated after that time will not be considered.

Okay, now that the stuffy rules part is out of the way let’s get down to the quizzifying!  Here are your ten questions, and your time starts…now!

  1. Let’s start with an easy one: I changed my Twitter handle to match my blog title. What was it before that?
  2. Another easy one: I freelance as administrative support. What is the job title I use for that work?
  3. Now we come to the math question:  If I copy-edit your 27, 483 word manuscript how much will I charge you?
  4. In what municipal location did I first learn to play D&D? (Need the name of the city as well, please.)
  5. What is the web-comic I have followed the longest, and why?
  6. Name the only character to make it into Star Trek’s second pilot.
  7. I am a huge fan of this Star Trek: The Next Generation alumnus, and I gave him my best Killer d20 at a Gen Con.  Who is he?
  8. Okay, I’ll slide you an easy two-parter.  Fill in the blanks: ___________ is my favourite RPG, and I just became a ____________ to support it.
  9. If I could be swept away on one vessel from science fiction, what would it be?
  10. What is your favourite colour?

There you are, ten questions to see if you’ve been paying attention.  Get your answers in right away and good luck!  I’ll announce the winners and post the answers on Thursday.

Thanks again to everyone who stops in to read.  I hope you’ll stick around for another one hundred posts, you can help me celebrate my bi-centurian! (I do not think it means what you think it means…)

3 thoughts on “My Centurian!

  1. Your quiz was too funny. Did I ever tell you that my brother dated the woman who played Tasha Yar’s sister on Next Gen? She only was in one episode (Riker goes to the planet to recruit or infiltrate her supposed terrorist ring). Beth then went on to star in a night time soap called Savannah. BTW I enjoy the blog (as I’ve said before) and am glad that you’re keeping it up. How goes things otherwise?

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