Back on the Fitness Train!

It wasn’t so long ago that I wrote a pretty compelling (if I do say so myself) post regarding my ongoing fitness.  And I’d love to report that everything fell into place and here I am, coming up on three months later, and I am down x lbs…but I can’t. Because I’m not. I’m actually fairly certain I gained some weight in there.

Now I could write a fallen-evangelist sort of post, flagellate myself for my many sins and weep bitter tears all the while begging forgiveness.  But bitter tears are in short supply right now and I prefer my self-flagellation in private (hey-oooooh!).  And really, what good would that do?  I know well enough by now that talking myself down is not going to change anything, or motivate me to make the choices I need to make.  I’m also going to avoid boring anyone with a laundry list of reasons or excuses.  They exist, no question.  But due to some work and struggle and tears on my part (and a little bit on others) they are also mostly past tense, and those that aren’t I’ve figured out how to manage.

I’m reaffirming my commitment to getting healthy and start fresh.  I’ve worked out what I needed to work out, my brain is sitting right, and it is time to get this train out of the station.  I have plans for the future, short and long-term, and oddly enough none of them include a cardiac episode or cerebrovascular accident (the $5 term for stroke).  Of course they could still happen because, well, I’m alive.  But I’d like to minimize them in the equation, so it is time to act as smart as I am and get back on track.

Starting tomorrow morning I’ll be back on daily.  It was a really useful tool and now that my life is a bit more stable I’m going to use it again.  And once again, if you are looking to track your own fitness goals I highly recommend it.  And yes, if you join up I will still friend you.

Workouts, though they never fully stopped, will now happen regularly again.  Sporadic exercise can be almost as detrimental as no exercise, so to train my body right I need to stick to a schedule of exercises that I will actually do.  For me right now that means increasing the strength training and a stepping away from formal cardio work-outs.  Since I was avoiding them anyway, and then getting myself in a BS cycle of, “well, I didn’t do my cardio so I shouldn’t do my weights until I do the cardio that I didn’t do because I hate it…”, I might as well just drop it until I find cardio I want to do (anyone want to buy me a bike? Just kidding…but seriously, just a basic mountain bike?).  I am, however, increasing how much walking I do every day. Not only is that some good fitness right there, but it gets me out in the sun, and vitamin D has been an issue for me recently.

And Pizza 73 will have to erect a statue to another Best Customer, because they are once again on the no-fly-into-my-tummy-you-delicious-wings-and-pizza list.  I’m sure this will cause them no end of consternation, but it is for the best.  They, and all the other fast-food delivery joints I frequented, will have to soldier on without me.  Besides fitness, this decision is in no small way influenced by my need to cut costs, and the grocery store is always a better bang for the buck than the restaurant.  So until further notice I will not be hitting their order pages or dialing their delivery lines.  But I will be stocking up on plenty of stuff I can cook right here in my kitchen, plus a bunch of healthy things I don’t have to cook.

In short, I’m back in the business of getting healthy.  And business is about to start booming!

So what about you?  Had any troubles sticking to your fitness plans?  What got you going again, and what kept you inspired?  Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about it!

Comments? Questions? Amusing Anecdotes?

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