Humpday Links for August 10

Welcome to your regularly scheduled Humpday Links!  After combing the Internet Super-Highway, I think I have assembled the cream of the geeky-link crop.  See if you agree!

– More than a “things were better back when” rant, Peter Smith’s Five Reasons Geek Culture Should Go Away raises some interesting downsides of our current geek culture.  I’m still mulling some of his points over…

– This video is Reason #37 why Brent Should Never Have An Owl.  Because I would play with my owl all day!

– It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of geek-themed music. In that vein, here is a sweet little song about Dungeons & Dragons via @MonteJCook.

– What you didn’t know about Back to the Future: all the Marty McFlys that failed in their attempts had to share a house together. Can’t have them walking around, polluting the time-line after all.

– Scott Kurtz, Mike Krahulik, and Jerry Holkins (of PVP and Penny Arcade respectively) have a new webcomic, The Trenches.

– In an effort to make me a complete shut-in, TVO has released Prisoners of Gravity episodes on their website.  Hands down this was and is the best show on SF culture, and I am forever indebted to Commander Rick (Rick Green) for expanding my youngish geek mind.

– Surprisingly safe for work, I give you the teaser trailer for Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody.  It will still be better than Episodes 1-3.  Yeah, I said it!

– via my pal @britl comes this awesome postcard set for geeks.  I’m sure this will give rise to a “Which Pantone Number Am I?” meme.

– In all the furor surrounding the DC launch, it is nice to know DC can still take the time to put their female superheros in stripper poses.  So what if we put the rest of the League in the same pose?  It would look a little something like this…

– You may have heard about a Missouri school banning Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5, and the Vonnegut Library offering copies to those students for free.  Not surprisingly, Slaughterhouse 5 is not the only SF book to feel the censor’s wrath.  Seriously, people?  It’s 2011, can we just agree to grow the f@%# up?

– With a management style that could best be described as “bone-headedly conservative and short-sighted” SyFy has not made many friends in what should be their key demographic, us.  Dorktower creator John Kovalic suggests an appropriate name change for the flailing channel

– Ever suspected things are just not alright?  Turns out your computer can help with that.

That’s your Humpday Links!  Have some of your own?  Put them in the comments section and share them with us!  In the meantime, I have to write a few choice words regarding the cancellation of Eureka

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