Can’t Stop the Serenity!

I’m nearing the busiest and nerdiest point in my week, but I needed to jump on here and remind you all about something fantastically awesome.

In its sixth year, Can’t Stop the Serenity season is here again!  In support of Equality Now!, this is probably the best example of geek activism out there (No? Prove me wrong, children!)  I have been enamoured with it from day one; the vibe around it has always been great.

Edmonton has its own CSTS event, running this Saturday, noon, at Metro Cinema (632-7 Sir Winston Churchill Square).  If you are a fan of Firefly, Serenity, both, neither or women’s rights (Really? You going to go on record as opposing women’s rights? Look at the grapes on you…) then you need to attend.

I am volunteering at the event as well, so if for some strange reason you want to see me in person here in #YEG you should come out.  And since I’ll be there, I’ll know if you don’t show…

Comments? Questions? Amusing Anecdotes?

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