Hey, Listen!

I find myself oddly busy today, so today’s post is full of links (now the title makes sense, right?).  Don’t fret, I have something more substantial in the works for tomorrow.
On to the internets:
– my pal @britl has posted a 99% spoiler-free review of X-men: First Class that is definitely worth the read.  Pay special attention to her suggestions for the X:FC sequels. There is wisdom there…
– presented without comment: How to Play Settlers of Catan, set to music.
– if you are a gamer like me, without the power of art, you look for every conceivable way to improve the look of your gaming maps.  Here is a great tutorial to help with that.
– Thanks to my Coffee Brother @Doctor_Teeth, I am now reading Pants are Overrated, all because of this comic.
– I love Doctor Who, and I swear if this ever happens I will burn Disney to the ground!
Tales from the Table is a fun little series in the same vein as The Gamers, but with Aussie accents.

That is all, folks!  Stay tuned tomorrow…

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