Easing Back Into It

I’m still easing back to this, so this is going to be a link-heavy update.  Luckily, I think you’ll find the quality of these links more than makes up for my lack of verbosity.

*      *     *

Before I get into the links, though, I wanted to say a special thank-you to my pals Leah, @Doctor_Teeth, @scottybomb and @nitabing.  I had a particularly bad day at work on Friday, the kind of bad that will linger if you let it.  But even so, I didn’t want to skip our scheduled Pathfinder game, because we had to really work to find time in everyone’s schedule this time around.  We made it work and I’m glad we did.  All four of them are great to role-play with, and I had a great time re-introducing them to the diabolical environs of Westcrown.  It was just what I needed to decompress from my day.  Thanks, gang!

*     *     *

To the Links!

– I admit, I had a bit of a Data-crush when ST:TNG was on the air.  Brent Spiner is a great actor, and I enjoy watching him every chance I get.  I just started following him on Twitter, which is how I found out about his new web series, Fresh Hell.  The first two episodes are up, and I am amused!  Can’t wait to see what The Incident was..
– If you are an Edmonton otaku, good news:  Animethon 18 is a go!   Whether you have followed or were even aware of the drama surrounding the three-day event and its organizing committee, the fact they finally announced dates should make you smile.  Look for me there; I’ll be the guy cosplaying as myself.
– I discovered this site a while ago, and ever since I have been impressed with how thought-provokingly funny someone with a chalkboard and a camera can be.
– All I’m going to say is, my birthday is coming up
– Need some cool sound fx?  These are just a click away…
– Of the many podcasts I listen to, Fear the Boot has always maintained a consistently high level of quality.  This is a must-listen podcast for all you gamers out there.

That is all for today; be back soon!

Comments? Questions? Amusing Anecdotes?

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