A Miscellany Roundup

I have had what amounts to the plague for the last four days, so my apologies for the update gap.  While I regain my strength and health (and take a little of other people’s besides)  here are some things I found interesting around the netter regions:

The trailer is out for Captain America: The First Avenger, and it looks good.  I am cautiously optimistic that they may have pulled off another good Marvel comic book movie.  Only time will tell if premiering on my birthday will be a good or ill omen…

I can’t get enough of Team Unicorn, and Sexy Nightmare Slayers is no exception.

Speaking of unicorns, why not try out the Horny Blonde?

If you missed the big announcement over at Paizo, Sam Zeitlin is the 2011 RPG Superstar.  The complete story is here.

Want a little taste of manga with your Friday?  Check out Friday 4Koma over at Omake Theater.  Some NSFW, be warned.

Live in Alberta and jonesing for The Middle Ages?  KnightHaven has what you need, you Medieval junkie.

Okay, enough filler.  I’ll be back soon with a post of some substance, enough substance to have its own gravity…

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