Happy Pi Day!

I couldn’t ask for a better day to reboot my blog than Pi Day, arguably the geekiest of geek days. If I was willing to wait I could have held out for “Pi Approximation Day” (22/07) which is coincidentally (or is it…?) my birthday. But putting it off that long tempted the possibility that it would never get running again, and I could not countenance that!

I know that some of you never really noticed I was gone, and some wept bitter tears and cursed cruel fate. I know the latter might be an exaggeration. But however you felt about me leaving, I’m back now. And daddy is going to make everything all right.

Oookay, I promise to never type those words in that order again…

Expect a geeky post of some kind every couple of days, more often if the mood takes me. As the blog title suggests, while I hold myself to be an “expert” in a few select areas, I definitely selected “breadth” instead of “depth” when delving into the course catalogue at Geek U. Nothing I write (unless I specifically say otherwise in a post) should be taken as my last word on a subject; I am more than happy to have someone correct me or point me to additional information. As a teacher once told me, “If you aren’t f&*%ing up, you aren’t learning.” By that logic I learn oh-so-much every day…

So here is what caught my eye today:

That is all for now, my fellow geeks!

One thought on “Happy Pi Day!

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