Dungeon a Day Keeps the Players at Bay

You’re a DM. You’re party has just gone left when they should have gone right, and now they are heading into the underground catacombs (which you haven’t worked on yet) instead of the super-awesome ruins you spent months prepping. Before rocks fall and they all die, why not let Monte Cook and Dungeon a Day lend a hand?

The name pretty much says it all. Every weekday Monte adds a new room description to the site, expanding the dungeon complex called Dragon’s Delve. Currently there are two levels listed on the site, but you can be assured that many more are to come. And no, Monte is not going to take a sick day and give you a 10’x10′ empty room. Every room is guaranteed to have something to interest or challenge your players.

Of course, all of this doesn’t come for free (okay, actually the first six rooms on level one do, plus some other stuff, but after that…). To get full access to the information you have to subscribe. But the cost is reasonable; really, a steal when you think of how much content you gain access to, even if you subscribe for just a month. And its Monte Freakin’ Cook, dude! You know? D&D 3rd edition? Ptolus? Yeah, that guy. So you know this is going to be quality stuff, every single day. Add in maps by award winning Ed Bourelle and you can’t go wrong!

So if you are that poor DM from the start of the post, or if you are just looking for the occasional extra room to fill out your own dungeon, then Dungeon a Day is just the site for you, my friend.

One thought on “Dungeon a Day Keeps the Players at Bay

  1. I dunno about you, but if I walked into an empty 10 x 10 room designed by Monte I would be really, really nervous.

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