Humpday Links for November 30

Posting has been giving me issues here on the blog lately, but some conversations with the helpdesk seem to have sorted out the issue.  Rather than slam you with three posts today, though, I’m just going to go ahead with my regular schedule of links.  I’ll post what would have been Monday and Tuesday on, well, Monday and Tuesday.

Enough blathering; to the links!

– If you live here in Edmonton and you love Terry Pratchett, then you need to make your way to Walterdale Theatre to catch The Wyrd Sisters.  Opening tonight and running through until next Saturday, this Stephen Briggs adaptation of one of Pratchett’s best works is going to amuse.  And even if you aren’t a Pratchett fan, this is a darn good place to start!

– Ever gone to a museum and seen a particularly cool model or maquette?  Chances are real good that White Room Artifacts built it.

– Thanks to, here are 6 baffling sci-fi tech flaws.  The one about AT-ATs I realized the first time I saw The Empire Strikes Back.

– If you are a gamer heading down to join one of the Occupy events, here is your sign

– Another one for the gamers; RPG Geek is running two holiday-themed contests, one for adventure writers and one for artists.  And if you are both, well, get to work!

– Joseph Devon has some very specific reasons why he hates George Lucas.  While I think “hate” is a bit strong, I did find myself nodding in agreement a few times…

– like moths to a flame, the Large Hadron Collider is already attracting the time-travellers

– I Tweeted this earlier because it was too great not to share right away, but in case you missed I present: The Sith Who Stole Christmas! (still better than Eps. 1-3)

– Yes, I know, not really sci-fi related.  But with all the flack some members of the police force are heaping on their profession, it is good to be reminded policing is worthy of our respect.

– This link if for anyone looking to craft a monster.  You know, as we all do from time to time…

– And here is new geek site Hypable, reminding us that Geek is Chic.  Well, yeah.

Geek girls are on the rise.  Yes, we knew that, but now there is a smidge of math to back it up.

– And finally, in the spirit of Christmas I give you all the Star Trek ornaments!  Well, not give, really.  Taunt with?  Whatever, enjoy!

Humpday Links for October 5

Fall is here in the Great Metropolitan Republic of Edmonton, and it has brought us all the grey skies and rain.  So I feel it incumbent upon me to provide you with a particularly entertaining and distracting series of links this week.  I think I have done so, but only you, my tens of readers, can act as final arbiter to my success.  Without further delay, enter my link parlour:

– Have you heard Adam WarRock rap about Firefly yet? Here, let me help you

– It may come as no surprise that I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan, and would step over your Gran to live in Discworld.  Okay, maybe that second part would.  In any case, I am going to be all over this Discworld boardgame; to my circle of gaming friends, expect to play it A LOT!

– While Gary Gygax gets a lot of well-deserved kudos for D&D, it is important to remember Dave Arneson’s contribution, as Geekdad correctly reminds us.

– This one is for the Portal fans out there…so pretty much all of you, in one way or another.  I give you Aperture: A Triumph of Science.  Cake will be served afterwards in the lobby.

– If you are considering taking part in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo as it is often rendered on protective amulets, Terrible Minds has some things you should know.

– Want to see something charming and geeky?  Look no further

– If you are like me, ten seconds after getting on Twitter you were looking for a way to play an RPG with it.  Lucky for both of us, there is Tweet RPG!

– My love for Geek TV is well documented by both myself and my therapist.  Here is my latest web series crush: Standard Action.

– Okay, don’t tell Standard Action because it’d be devastated, but I’m also crushing on Metagame.  Hey, the geek wants what the geek wants!

– Want to learn how to make snazzy digital maps for your RPG?  A Walk in the Dark will help you do just that!

– It seems contract disputes could put and end to The Simpsons and Dexter.  Well, they’ve had a good life…

– If you thought forum or comment trolls were bad, may I present to you an example of a patent troll.

Want a sneak peak at the coming season of Walking Dead?

– Felicia Day would like you to watch the trailer for Dragon Age: Redemption. Given how bad-ass she looks in it, I would comply.

– I’m hoping he will reconsider, but I can certainly understand: Leonard Nimoy has bid farewell to the convention circuit.  Live Long and Prosper.

– And finally, I will leave you with a little tech perspective: computer memory then and now.  For the record, 1980 is when I started playing D&D.  I was ten.  Yes, I am old.

And that is all the linkage for this week’s humpday.  As always, if you have any links to share just place them in the comments below. One per comment, though, or else my spam filter will eat you.  Cheery-pip!