More TTRPG Giving Back

Last week I wrote a quick post highlighting three Itch charity bundles you should get your hands on. Here’s a quick update on those three, then we’ll look at two new ones you should grab.

  • Solo But Not Alone 2 is in its last 12 HOURS and is at 89% of its goal! I believe we can still get there so check it out and grab some birthday gifts for your gamer friends.
  • Mutual Aid for Armanda is also at 89% of goal with just over three weeks left. Pick up some great games and help Armanda get a kick-ass laptop to continue freelance work!
  • TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas! was at 88% of their $25,000 goal when I first wrote about the bundle. They’re doing a little better now…to the tune of $264,554.70 of their new goal of $300,000! With just under four weeks left there is no telling how high this bundle will go, but I am excited to find out!

Now for the new bundles!

Bundle for Ukraine: As promised last post, the Bundle for Ukraine. This bundle, organized by Necrosoft Games, features 732 creators of both analog and digital games donating 991 games to help support the people of Ukraine. And there’s definitely something for everyone! Almost 600 digital video games, over 300 analog tabletop RPGs, dozens of asset packs, books, zines, and comics, soundtracks/music, and a host of other products. This is practically the perfect bundle to gift, no matter what area of gaming your friends are in. Or gift it to that friend who has been on the fence about diving into digital or analog games as a generous little nudge. Proceeds will be split between two organizations: International Medical Corps providing medical assistance in the region; and Voices of Children, a Ukrainian organization that helps children cope with the horrors of war, PTSD, readjusting to school, and getting back to being kids. With nine days left the bundle is currently at 64% of its two million dollar goal and I have no doubt it will clear that handily.

Women In TTRPG Bundle!: While not a charity bundle, it felt like the right thing to promote this bundle for International Women’s Day. Hosted by Armanda (yes, the same Armanda as above), this bundle features fifty games by fifty women from the wide world of TTRPG creation. There’s a wide variety of tabletop goodness here, games to play alone or with your gaming group. The bundle is a mere $30 for over $300 worth of TTRPGs, with all proceeds split between the bundle participants. With Twenty two days left to buy, make sure to mark it on your calendar if you can’t grab it right this second. You’ll be sorry if you miss out.

That’s all for now! If you can, please buy these bundles and help some good folks out. If you can’t make that purchase right now, post about them on your social media or retweet other posts to help spread the word.

And if you have a TTRPG related Itch bundle you’d like to spread the word about, please contact me. I’m planning to do a regular update of new and existing bundles each week. I would love to feature yours! Reach out through DMs on my Twitter at @DorklordCanada and we’ll talk!

TTRPGs Giving Back

The tabletop gaming community is filled with smart, funny, imaginative people who enjoy sharing stories and laughter with their friends and quite often with complete strangers. I think that last part is one of the things I love most about this hobby. That I can sit at a table of folks I don’t know and within minutes, thanks to our shared passion, tell heroic stories and get to know my fellow players a little better because of it. While I might sit down with strangers, I rarely walk away from strangers at the end. I think that’s a beautiful thing.

So it will surprise no one that the TTRPG community can also be extremely generous, willing to help whenever and however they can. One only has to look at the prevalence of Itch charity bundles to see this in action. Indie TTRPG creators generously donate their work to these bundles in order to support donations from the community. Donating gains the donor access to a plethora of tabletop games while supporting a great cause.

So here are three Itch bundles going on right now, ready and waiting for your generous donation. Frankly, you are going to get more TTRPG goodness from these bundles than you can likely bring to the table, but I promise you’ll have fun trying! And if you’re on a budget, check the ending dates and grab the deals that will go away soonest.

Important: TTRPG creators have generously donated their work to these bundles. When you get your bundle, please set aside some time to go through the games and leave five-star ratings on all of them. It will really help the creators out (getting them visibility and helping drive future sales) and it’s just a cool thing to do.

Solo But Not Alone 2: A bundle hosted by Peach Garden Games with content from 74 creators. Your donation of $10 gets you access to 102 solo TTRPGs, perfect for those long stints between games with your friends, or when a game is cancelled but you still want to scratch that roleplaying itch. Proceeds go to support suicide prevention and mental health education through Jasper’s Game Day. This year’s funding goal is the amount that was raised last year ($31,650.24) and the bundle has reached 82% of that goal, with just five days to go! Why not stop by and help get them the rest of the way?

Mutual Aid for Armanda: Not every bundle has to support large charities or movements, sometimes it’s enough that we can do something to help one person through some trouble. Cat Elm and fifteen other creators have gotten together to help Armanda get a new laptop, as hers is on its last legs. Like many TTRPG creators, no laptop means no making a living, so replacing it is crucial. For just $15 you can help Armanda work securely and get yourself a collection of sixteen TTRPGs from some of Indie’s best and brightest. I mean, a dollar a game, are you kidding? The bundle ends in 29 days, let’s get Armanda that laptop, yeah?

TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas!: It’s unlikely you haven’t heard of the horrible decision by Texas’ governor to essentially criminalize the support of Trans youth in the state. Since Trans rights are human rights and fascists, wherever they raise their head, can get fucked, the TTRPG community has organized to help fight back. The bundle is hosted by Rue (ilananight) and features 496 works from 300 creators. You get access to a huge body of work from some of the best people in our space right now, all for $5! So if you can, slip them a twenty and you’ve given that much more support and still only paid four cents a game. The goal is set at $25,000 and the fund is currently 88% of the way there. With a little over a month left on the bundle, I think we can probably manage to blow passed that goal, right? Right.


So there are three bundles you can get right now. Not only will you help make the world a bit better, but if you buy all three you’ll have over 600 games with which to entertain yourself and your friends. And if you’re lucky, maybe turn some strangers into new friends.

I’ve got time free in my calendar, just saying.