Down from the Door Where it Began

As Edmonton makes its yearly transformation into Hoth, sadly without Tauntauns (seriously bio-engineers, what are you even doing with your time?) I find myself drawn back to the keyboard, and this blog.  I know I gave a little tease back in August with my Gencon reports, and I’m sorry if you all felt that was a sign of glorious purpose.  It was not.

Simply put, I wasn’t ready.  The things that had driven me away from blogging had to run their course, and I needed to work on a few things personally before I felt I could get back to this.  I kept telling myself I’d start again when I was done that work.  Recently I’ve come to realize the work is and should be ongoing and never ending.  And so I’m starting this again, for better or worse, and I aim to keep going.

Was that cryptic and pseudo-wise sounding enough for you?  Too bad, moving on!

*     *     *

Like a batter warming up, I’m just going to hit a few easy ones to start.  So here are a few things that have caught my eye of late…

– Apparently shaming “fake” geek girls has become a thing again.  Some comic artist got his panties publicly in a knot over this tired straw-woman argument, and the Webs World Wide, they erupted.  I’m not going to lay out the latest details; if you want them the internet is there to help.  But I will say this: what is the downside?  Let us assume all the douche-canoe exclusionist idiots are right, and there are females among us just pretending to be nerds.  How does that affect my geekiness?  Or the geekiness of anyone around me?  Answer: it doesn’t.  Nerdiness is a renewable, not finite, resource.  My geek levels do not depend on the geekiness of those around me, and a person pretending to be a nerd takes nothing from me.  So lets put aside this tiresome faux-rage and stop acting like the idiots that picked on us when geekiness was not as cool as it is now.

– Hi, my name is Brent and I’m a Tumblr addict (Hi, Brent!).  I started an account mostly just to follow people I found interesting, and to explore a possible alternative to Facebook.  Now I can’t get through a day without scrolling through my ever-growing list of ‘shipping news, memes, picture posts and animated gifs.  Because of Tumblr, I now understand the concept of “joyful misery”.  If you want to join me in my addiction or simply increase your own, I’m Dork Musings.  We can get through this together…

– Some quicky show reviews/views:  Arrow: Love the story and writing, most of the acting and the fact that John Barrowman in on it.  Beauty and the Beast: I…I just don’t know yet.  I want to like it because I loved the original series growing up.  But the writing is uneven, and the heavy hand of plot blunders in at the weirdest moments.  Doctor Who: So stoked for the Christmas Special, I have Dickensian goose bumps!  Once Upon a Time:  This is a really solid, fun, dark little show, and if you don’t get at least some enjoyment from it you are just wrong.  Castle:  Remember on Moonlighting when things started the downhill slide after they got together?  That is not happening on Castle, and I’m loving it!

That’s it for now.  My new job is pretty much going to have me working 12-14 hour days until December 21st, so posts until then will be sporadic.  My goal, depending on my level of tired, is to get at least three a week up here.  Might be three days in a row, might be M-W-F, who knows.  Right, probably The Shadow, but good luck getting that slippery bastard to tell you anything.

Catch you next time, gentles.

Odds and Sods

I have a few things that have caught me eye recently, that I find interesting but don’t really warrant a post all their own.  So today I offer you a bowl of my brain candies!

…that didn’t sound nearly as creepy in my head, I swear…

** So @Kiala wrote a piece over at Nerd Puddle about the Gamewave parody video that I thought was spot on (except that I disagree with her stance on the Geek and Gamer Girl video, but that is okay, we are allowed to disagree).  I don’t really find the video in question offensive in any way.  My best description of it would be “tired”;  Oh. I get it. Nerds don’t get to touch ladyparts. Ha. Ahaha. Next!  The real problem that I see is that it allows for only two possible reactions, really: either you ignore it because it is a tired trope that needs to be put down like an ailing pet, or you let the nerd denial fly (“Squirrel, please!  Man, I get so much tail you don’t even know!  I’m going over to see my girl, and we’re playing “co-op”, you feel me!?“)  And the internet has never really been a place where people ignore the things that bother them, so there has been the usual trollstorm.  All I want to say about it is this: it isn’t funny, because it lacks truth.  With the exception of nerds that have honest-to-god social anxiety issues, most geeks do just fine with the opposite sex.  So stop being lazy, and find something actually funny to parody.

** Science continues to blow my %$#@ing mind!  Especially when scientists are doing things like this and this.  When I was a strippling geek I would have punched you in the taint for a liar if you told me about cell phones and teh internets.  And now we are close to making gasoline out of garbage and recharging batteries with rock and roll!? (Okay, I might be stretching the scope of those articles a bit, but as Shakespeare always said, “Suck it!”)  And if that whole FTL hullabaloo wasn’t a measuring error and actually pans out, my Heavy Metal inspired dreams of flying through space in a garbage-powered starship blasting classic rock tunes may just come true! And really, isn’t that what science is for?

** I’m largely enjoying the new TV offerings this season, as well as the return of old favourites.  My favs so far are Unforgettable, 2 Broke Girls and Prime Suspect, but talk to me again in six episodes and those might change.  Easily discarded was Ringer, which is a shame because I wanted to like it.  I enjoy Sarah Michelle Gellar as an actor, but the writing and some technical issues have turned me off.  I don’t care about anyone and I don’t believe the situations, and those two things will kill a show for me.  Of the returning shows, Castle is like a charming old friend, and NCIS (sorry, Devon) is like the curmudgeonly grandpa that tells good stories.

**  This (below) has become my new Life Rule:

** Since I hung out my shingle as a freelance editor, a few people have asked me why I won’t do some free jobs for them, just to gain experience/exposure.  And I have a few good answers for that.  First, I’m already doing some volunteer editing for experience, with a publication I love and respect.  So I’m getting enough on-the-job training, thanks.  As for exposure…that will come.  If I work for free now, the exposure I’ll get will be, “Hey, here is a guy who will work for free.” And since I’d like to make some sort of living from this, that exposure would be counter-productive.

But here’s my big reason for charging: because I think it engenders respect.  As an editor, I am essentially giving you (the writer) my opinion.  I can’t force you to accept my edits; it’s your work, you can ignore everything I tell you.  If I’m working for free, you can just say to yourself, “Well what does he know?” and dismiss me.  But if you are paying me, you are forced to at least consider what I am saying.  And if you are my client, I am giving your work the attention it deserves because that is my job.  You will get my best work because that is part of our client/employee relationship.

At least that’s how I look at it.  So no, beyond work I have already agreed to do I won’t work for free.  But I can and will work for “negotiable”, so drop me a line and we’ll talk.

*     *     *

Okay, that’s all the brain candy I have for today.  Want to share some candy below?