Salt Bay Pirate Radio

COMING SOON – Still Under Construction

Salt Bay Pirate Radio (Studio ARRR) is my fan podcast celebrating the actual play series Pirates of Salt Bay. Each episode I will talk a bit about the previous week’s PoSB episode (with and without spoilers), discuss news about the show and its cast, and talk about other things Saving Throw Show has going on. Because there is much I feel can be learned about how to run and play TTRPGs from Pirates of Salt Bay, sometimes I’ll also talk about things you can take from the show and bring to your table. And if all that weren’t enough, I hope to have interviews as well; one is happening for sure, hopefully there will be others.

Links to each episode will be posted below, wherever I dock this podcast. This is a fan work; I am in no way sponsored by Saving Throw Show or any of their various productions. I really like what they do, I love Pirates of Salt Bay in particular, and I want to talk about it and hopefully spread some of that love around.

If you would like to contact me about the show for any reason, you can shoot me an email at If you’d like to chat on Twitter I am @DorklordCanada, and using #StudioARRR will get my attention. And if you would like to learn more about Pirates of Salt Bay head to the wiki (which I also do some work on).