New Site, Same Old Dork!

Yes, it is true.  After years on Blogspot I decided it was time for a change.  Having heard such wonderful things from several people about the green, green grass over at WordPress I decided to give it a go.  The verdict so far?  Smoother, easier to use and a lot more writer friendly.  Plus, Blogspot was doing some weird stuff, dropping pics and such.  Hard to miss a site that makes parts of your post disappear.

So feel free to reset your RSS feeds and bookmarks, it looks like I’ll be here a good long while.  I’ll also being tinkering a bit, here and there, to spruce the place up.  But in the meantime, on with the show!

*     *     *

I’d like to talk a little bit about perfection, and what an absolute pile of horseshit it is.  (Don’t worry, we’ll get back to geekery with the next post, I promise)  I struggled with being a perfectionist for a very long time, and I can tell you from firsthand experience it sucks.  Not just because it puts so much stress into even the simplest acts of creation; that in itself would be bad enough.  The constant, anxious focus on making sure that every…little…piece fits just so into what I’m creating is quite frankly draining.  No, the real suckage that perfectionism brings is all the projects never started because I couldn’t get them perfect in my head, or the situation wasn’t just right, or my life somehow wasn’t in exactly the right spot.  And that has been the real challenge for me, to stop using perfection as an excuse to keep myself from trying.

I watch a show on HGTV called “Holmes on Homes” (this may seem like a digression, but bear with me). For those that have never watched it, Mike Holmes is a contractor who comes into a different person’s home each episode and fixes what a previous contractor has screwed up.  I get a very comfortable feeling watching Mike tear out crappy work and replacing it with good work.

But here is the reason I bring it up: at one point in an episode he talked about the difference between something being “straight” and being “true”.  He basically said that it is very unlikely that you can make anything in a home renovation “straight”.  Angles won’t be perfect, cuts have been done fractionally wrong, floors have settled and so on.  And if you try to make things “straight” you’ll end up with something that doesn’t look right because nothing around it is straight.  But if instead you try to make it “true”, that is, try to match it to the existing imperfections while at the same time balancing them out, you will give the appearance  of “straight” because what you are building fits.

So that is what I am going to work on from here on out.  I’m going to stay less focused on making sure that every angle is perfect, and instead look to make sure that what I’m working on is true.  Whether that is my writing, employment, gaming, weight-loss, whatever; I am going to look at ways to make it fit with what is already here, instead of trying to get everything in some nonsensical “perfect order”.

And for me, an important component is going to be adding the fun back.  Once upon a time I used to enjoy writing, a lot.  It used to bring me joy to write gaming material and short stories.  I can remember that, from way back in my teens.  I looked forward to the times that I could write and I resented anything that took away that time.  If things are going to be true I have let that joy come back.  Because I’m starting to realize that without that I’m not going to get very far with anything I decide to pursue.

Okay, so that was my HGTV-inspired epiphany.  Thoughts?

One thought on “New Site, Same Old Dork!

  1. I know the feeling! I’ve recently had to relax my death-grip on getting high 80’s – 90’s in the courses I’m taking and settle for ‘good enough’. I could kill myself and get those grades, but the ‘good enough’ are just that – they will get me through the course and onto the next just a well as if I had aced them. And I know from what Mike speaks – when I was helping to renovate the basement suite it drove me batshit crazy that there wasn’t a single right-angle to be found in the place. Had to relax that expectation, and ended up with a nice place to live.

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